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Season 1
Episode 16
Air Date February 16, 2005
Writer(s) Drew Goddard
Director Jack Bender
Flashback James "Sawyer" Ford

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Sawyer attempts to track a boar who destroyed his camp, Kate joins him in the hopes of getting closer to him. Sawyer's past before the crash unveils a devious con.


As we begin with a familiar eye opening, we pull back to reveal something different. This eye belongs to a young boy, roused from a peaceful sleep by a violent pounding on the front door. His mother bursts into his room and tells him that everything is going to be okay, but we can see from her face that she doesn't believe it. She hides him under his bed and makes him promise that he won't come out no matter what he hears. She makes his bed to make it look as if he was never there and goes downstairs. We stay with the boy and hear a violent argument that ends with a gunshot. From the boy's perspective, we see a pair of cowboy boots enter his room. The boy tries not to cry and the man in the boots comes over and sits on his bed. There is another gunshot and the man collapses, dead.

Back on the island, Sawyer wakes from his nightmare, covered in sweat. He reaches over for a sip of water, relieved that it is all over, but we hear a rustling in the darkness. Sawyer slowly reaches for the flashlight and when he turns it on we see an enormous boar demolishing his things. Sawyer grabs a bat and lashes out, but the boar easily escapes, destroying the relative calm of his makeshift tent. As Sawyer angrily gives chase, the boar disappears into the jungle with the tarp that was his roof. When he gives chase, we hear those same spooky whispers in the wind.

Later that morning, Sawyer is cleaning up his things. Sayid comes by and is clearly enjoying Sawyer's plight. Sawyer asks Sayid about the voices he thought he heard in the jungle when he escaped from Rousseau, but Sayid dismisses as stress-related delusions.

We FLASHBACK to a hotel room. And for a second we think we must be watching a rerun because here comes Sawyer again, tangled in a kiss with another attractive woman. But just as it starts to get interesting, the two of them are interrupted by a voice from the dark. A man Sawyer knows as "Hibbs" wants to talk and it doesn't take long for us to realize that Sawyer ain't too glad to see him. As Sawyer chokes him, reminding him that he screwed him out of his share of a con they ran years ago, Hibbs tells Sawyer that he has come to make it right. Hibbs hands him an envelope and we expect it to be full of money, but what it actually holds is far more valuable…The whereabouts of the man who killed Sawyer's parents. The real "Sawyer"—the man he has been chasing his whole life. He runs a shrimp truck…in Sydney.

Back on the island, Jack and Kate return the guns from the Ethan mission to the Halliburton case. All but one, that is… Sawyer has refused to turn his in. Kate offers to get it back for Jack telling him that she "can speak his language." You don't have to look very hard at Jack's face to see how he feels about that…

Back at the caves, Charlie is building something from bits of wreckage. Claire comes over to him, but we can see from his demeanor that this isn't the Charlie we all know. Something is…off. When Claire asks him if he wants to go on a walk, Charlie says that he has something to do and just walks away.

In the jungle, Sawyer comes upon his tarp—the boar must have dropped it there when it ran away the night before. He grabs it and starts to make his way back to camp, but he hears something—the whispers blowing in the wind! But Sawyer has more pressing troubles to deal with because it looks like the boar wasn't quite ready to give that tarp back. It comes crashing out of the brush and straight at Sawyer. He runs as fast has he can, but he's got no chance and the boar easily catches him and knocks him off his feet and right into a big puddle of mud before disappearing back into the jungle. Kate catches up with Sawyer as he is packing up for a hunt. She thinks he is being absurd and tells him to tell Locke to go and kill it, but Sawyer explains that it's too late for that—it's personal now.

We FLASHBACK to Sawyer making his way along a dock in Sydney, Australia, with the iconic Sydney Opera House in the background. He ducks into a seedy boathouse where a man sells him a gun. But before the man hands it over he lets Sawyer know that there are no refunds, so before he buys the gun Sawyer better be sure he has what it takes to use it.

Back at the beach, Hurley and Charlie bury Ethan. Hurley can see that something is wrong with Charlie. When he asks him if he is okay, Charlie doesn't answer. After they finish, Hurley finds Sayid and asks him if he ever dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while in the army. When Sayid asks him why he wants to know, Hurley tells him about Charlie and asks Sayid to talk to him.

Meanwhile, out in the jungle, Sawyer is having absolutely no luck trying to track his boar. Kate arrives and offers to track for him on one condition: Anytime she wants something from his stash, she gets it—no questions asked. Sawyer reluctantly agrees.

We catch up with them later that night around a campfire. Sawyer brought along several of the mini bottles of booze from the airplane and he and Kate decide to play a game called "I never" where we learn information about the both of them: Kate has never been to Disneyland; Sawyer has never been in love; Kate was married once, very shortly; and BOTH of them have killed a man.

FLASHBACK to the same bedroom we saw at the top of the show. The same kid cowers under the same bed. Only this time, when the door opens, we don't see a pair of cowboy boots come in, but a pair of hooves belonging to a boar.

Sawyer wakes up to see Kate kneeling over him, realizing that it was just a dream. However, the boar ravaged their campsite while they slept. Interestingly, while Sawyer's things are destroyed, Kate's are untouched. But before Sawyer can get upset, he hears a rustle in the bushes behind him. He draws his gun, but it's not the boar - - it's Locke who explains that he's been out looking for wreckage to salvage. He sits down and joins them for coffee. After Kate tells him that Sawyer thinks this boar has something personal against him, Locke tells them a story about his sister, Jeanie who died when she was little. Their mother swore that she came back as a golden retriever. Locke suggests that the boar is the spirit of someone who Sawyer upset before the crash.

We FLASHBACK to Sawyer sitting in a car staring at a shrimp truck in the distance. He checks to make sure the gun in his jacket is loaded and makes his way over to the man running the truck. He's seems nice enough and even offers Sawyer a fellow American 50 percent off discount. As he goes to the stove to cook Sawyer's lunch we see the gun shaking in Sawyer's hand. When the shrimp guy turns back around to deliver his lunch, Sawyer is gone.

We then see Sawyer taking shots in a dive bar. When the bartender asks if he's had enough, Sawyer tells him to keep them coming. From down the bar we hear another American congratulating him on his decision -- "These bastards think Americans can't hold their liquor." Sawyer buys a round for him, then the man slides on down the bar to join him. It turns out to be Christian Shephard, Jack's father. Christian says he doesn't hate his son for what he did; he loves him for it. He then says that he's proud of him. Dr. Shephard says that he has a theory: Some people are just meant to suffer—and he should know, he's a chief of surgery. "That's why the Red Sox will never win the series", Christian says. When Sawyer asks him why he doesn't call his son and tell him these things, Christian says: "Because I am weak." He asks if the "business" Sawyer is in town for is going to bring him peace, Sawyer tells him it will. Christian responds "Then what are you doing here?"

Back at the shrimp truck, later that night. The rain slashes down outside as Sawyer watches his target: "Sawyer." When he goes to dump his trash in the dumpster next to the truck, Sawyer checks the gun once more and gets out of the car.

Back on the island, Charlie is husking coconuts. Sayid approaches and asks him how he is doing, but Charlie is on to him. Charlie tells Sayid he is NOT sorry for shooting Ethan. Ethan tried to kill him and he kidnapped Claire. He deserved to die, and Charlie would do it again. Sayid tells him a story that makes it clear to Charlie that the feelings he is having are totally normal. Before he leaves, he tells Charlie something else that seems to hit home: "You are not alone. Don't pretend to be."

In the jungle, Sawyer and Kate are on the trail. Kate spots a wallow the boars have been using and they know they are close. Some nearby squealing leads Sawyer to capture a baby boar, which he tries to use as bait to lure the adult boar. Kate demands that he set it free before he hurts it. Sawyer refuses, but Kate knocks him down and the baby boar goes free. Kate is disgusted and tells Sawyer to find his own way back.

FLASHBACK to the shrimp truck. Sawyer is now very close behind the man. He raises the gun and calls out "Sawyer!" The man turns around and Sawyer shoots him in the chest. Rasping for breath, the man tells Sawyer that he would have paid his debt and that Hibbs didn't need to do this to him. It dawns on Sawyer that Hibbs set him up. This wasn't the man who conned his parents. As Sawyer deals with the realization of what he has done, the man says one more thing before he dies. "It will come back around."

Back on the island, Sawyer is wandering around, lost. He spins around looking for something, and calls out for Kate. When he turns all the way around, he sees that he is face to face with the boar. Kate enters and looks on from beyond Sawyer's field of vision as Sawyer pulls his gun and raises it to the boar. The boar doesn't budge and appears to be looking Sawyer right in the eyes. Finally, Sawyer lowers the gun and the boar walks away. Noticing Kate now, Sawyer tries to play it off -- "It's just a boar."

Back at the beach, Jin and Sun mend a fishing net. Michael continues his work on the raft while Vincent plays with Walt. Claire sits by herself looking at the ocean. Charlie arrives looking like a changed man and the two of them take that walk that Claire proposed earlier.

Jack is in the woods, breaking wood for the fire. Sawyer arrives and after some juvenile banter, he hands over the last gun to Jack. In response to his sarcasm, Jack says "That's why the Red Sox will never win the series." Sawyer asks him to repeat that last bit and Jack tells him that it's something his father used to say to explain why he didn't have to apologize for all the lousy things he did to people—he preferred to put the blame on fate. When Sawyer asks if Jack's dad was a doctor, too, Jack tells him he was and then Jack asks "Why do you want to know about my father?"

Sawyer responds "No reason."

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It'll come back around."

- Frank Duckett

"Well, laugh it up, Mohammad. But I come back and find my stuff's gone, I'm coming after you."

- Sawyer

"Over the last few hours you have managed to follow the tracks of humans, birds, a rockslide, yourself: basically everything but boar. You have no idea of what you're doing ."

- Kate

Background InformationEdit

  • The area of Sydney in which Sawyer is walking in when he goes to get the gun from Laurence, is actually a pretty busy section of Sydney, one unsuitable for inconspicuous gun sales. EDIT: This scene was actually filmed on Oahu, Hawaii, not Sydney, Australia.
  • Despite Christian's assertion that the Red Sox would never win the World Series, by the time this episode aired, the Red Sox had won the 2004 World Series, an event referred to in The Glass Ballerina.

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