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Operation: Sleeper
Missing Pieces - Operation Sleeper
Season Missing Pieces
Episode 5
Air Date December 3, 2007 (Verizon)
December 10, 2007 (
Writer(s) Brian K. Vaughan
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Juliet and Jack

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Juliet wakes Jack to confess that she has been working with Ben the entire time.


Jack is seen sleeping at the camp, and is awoken by Juliet, who asks him to keep quiet. Juliet begins by saying that since she arrived at the camp, the survivors (primarily Sayid and Sawyer), don’t trust her. Juliet adds that they think that she is there to hurt them, and it’s only a matter of time before they figure out that they’re right.

Jack questioned Juliet to exactly what is meant by this revelation. Juliet stated that the survivors are right not to trust her as she is still working for Ben, and she was sent to study the women to find out which ones were pregnant. Jack inquired as to why they would need to be studied, Juliet stated that they would be taken, and that Ben promised her that no one would be hurt.

Jack, feeling betrayed, questioned his belief in Juliet, and informed her that he believed that she was a part of the group, and that she wanted to get on the submarine. Juliet claimed that she was being naive in thinking that Ben would actually let them leave. Jack reminds her that Ben was in a wheelchair and that it was Locke who blew up the submarine, to which Juliet quickly replied by challenging the claim.

Jack is then informed that she is only at the camp because she was sent there. Juliet revealed to Jack that she and Sun saw the baby growing inside her, and that if she’s still on this island in a month, both of them will be dead.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I’ve been living Benjamin Linus’s dream for three years. Three years. It’s time to wake up."

- Juliet

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  • The events in this episode takes place between the events seen in D.O.C. and The Brig.
  • Juliet hints to the theory that Locke didn't really blow up the submarine. A theory held by many after seeing Locke walk the dock in The Man from Tallahassee completely soaked, when the submarine was above water level when he entered.

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