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One of Us
Season 3
Episode 16
Air Date April 11, 2007
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse
Drew Goddard
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Juliet Burke

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Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet make their way back to the beach camp. When Claire falls ill, Juliet is the only one who can cure her affliction.


Kate, Sayid, Juliet, and Jack head back to the beach camp. As they stop for the night Jack explains to Kate the deal he made with Ben, saying that he kept his head down and didn't ask questions. Though Jack is talking to her, Kate feels an emotional distance between them. Sayid questions Juliet but Jack returns and tells Sayid to leave her alone and that she is under his protection. Juliet confesses to Jack that she's nervous about joining the beach camp.

Flashback to Juliet arriving at a private airport. Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom are there to escort her the rest of the way, claiming it is because of security. Juliet says good-bye to her sister, Rachel, promising to be back before the baby's born. In the airport terminal, Ethan checks Juliet's vitals, telling her it's routine. Alpert pours sedative into a glass of orange juice and gives it to Juliet to drink, saying some people can't take the trip's intensity and that it's easier if she is asleep during it. Juliet says she was fine with signing all the paperwork, not being able to talk with anyone for six months, and that no one had ever heard of Mittelos BioScience at which point Alpert interrupts and tells her she was fine with it because she knows the place they're taking her is special. Juliet has a gift, with which she is supposed to do something significant. Juliet drinks the orange juice and passes out. She wakes up with her hands, waist, and barefeet strapped down in the sleeping compartment of a submarine. Ethan then takes her through the submarine, up the ladder to see the the island.

At the beach camp, Charlie hears Aaron crying and wakes up Claire. Claire says she's not feeling well, so Charlie offers to take care of Aaron. Sawyer sees Jack, Kate, and Sayid returning. Though happy about their return he expresses his displeasure at seeing Juliet. Hurley engages Juliet in casual conversation. Juliet guesses that Hurley was sent to keep an eye on her. He tells her the last Other who came over, Ethan, was killed and buried nearby.

Flashback to Juliet talking to Ben. She tells him she thinks the pregnancy complications happen at conception but there's nothing she can do about it unless she takes a woman off the island, to which Ben promptly replies no. Juliet tells him she's done all she can and wants to go home since Rachel will give birth in three months. Ben says she will be dead by then because her cancer has returned. Juliet is horrified, but Ben promises to cure Rachel's cancer if Juliet stays. Juliet wants to know how, and Ben says Jacob will take care of it himself.

At the camp, Jack tells everyone that he trusts Juliet and that should be enough, to which Sayid reminds him it's not. Jack defends his time with the Others saying he was there looking for a way off the island. Then Claire collapses. Juliet takes Jack and Kate aside and tells them she knows what's wrong with Claire because she did it to her.

Flashback to Juliet in bed with Goodwin. There's a knock on the door and she is given x-rays. Juliet looks at them and knows they have a problem. She walks to Ben's house and tells him he has a tumor. She accuses him of lying about curing Rachel's cancer, saying he can't cure her cancer if he can't cure his own. Ben denies lying and says he doesn't understand why he has cancer. Juliet wants go home, but he refuses to let her go.

At the camp, Juliet explains that Claire's immune system has turned on her due to a latent reaction to medication in her bloodstream. The medication was designed to keep Claire alive during the late stages of her pregnancy. Juliet knows because she designed it. She was brought to the island to solve why women here couldn't have children. The mother's body treats the pregnancy as a foreign invader and the immune system attacks. Every pregnant woman on the island died. Claire was the first to survive but even though she didn't conceive on the island, Claire developed the same symptoms. Juliet had developed the serum to reverse what was happening, and Ethan was giving it to her. Without the serum, Claire is in a form of withdrawal. Ethan kept a stash of the serum close by.

Juliet goes out into the jungle and retrieves the serum. Sayid and Sawyer have followed, and they want answers. Juliet tells them there isn't time. Realizing they aren't going to budge, she stands up to them and says she finds it interesting that they are the camp's moral police. Did Sayid tell everyone what he did in Basra? And did Sawyer gather everyone into a circle and explain how he shot a man in cold blood? She says the serum can save Claire's life. The last thing they would want is Claire's blood on their hands. She takes the serum back to the beach and gives it to Jack. He warns her that if anything happens to Claire, he won't be able to protect her.

Flashback to Juliet and Ben as they watch Flight 815 break apart above them. Ben then leads Juliet out to the Flame station. Mikhail is there, and Ben tells him he wants detailed files on every passenger. Then Mikhail brings up a live video feed, and they see a close-up of a newspaper with the current date. The camera swings around and reveals Rachel in a park with her 2-year-old son. Ben tells Juliet that Rachel's cancer was cured, that it went into complete remission and shortly thereafter she gave birth to a boy named Julian.

At the camp, Claire wakes up. She's feeling and looking better. Juliet is now trusted. Jack brings her supplies to set up her tent area and tells her eventually everyone will need answers. Juliet asks why Jack trusts her and doesn't ask for answers. He says because when the submarine exploded, he saw in her eyes that she wanted to get off this island more than anything. That makes her "one of us."

Flashback to Juliet and Ben going over their plans. Juliet will handcuff herself to Kate and say she was gassed and left behind, too. If Kate questions that, Juliet will say it was the only way to earn Kate's trust. Ben tells Juliet that Claire's implant has been activated, and she'll symptomatic in forty-eight hours. By the time Juliet gets to the camp, she'll have a nice crisis to solve. Pryce is already on his way to hide the case in Ethan's old drop point. Ben tells her to tell Jack she can save Claire. Jack trusts her. He says he'll see her in a week.

Back at camp, as Juliet looks around and sees Hurley and Sun talking, Charlie with Claire, and Jack smiling at her. She smiles back.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Well, if it ain't three men and a baby...I counted Hugo twice."

- Sawyer

"Mikhail? It's Ben. I'm here with Juliet. We're approaching the house. Don't shoot us."

- Ben

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  • Joah Buley who was previously credited as "Luke" in The Glass Ballerina, reprises his role, but is this time credited as "Other Dude".

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