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One Of Them
Season 2
Episode 14
Air Date February 15, 2006
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Sayid Jarrah

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Sawyer enlists Hurley to help him find a tree frog that has been terrorizing him. Sayid encounters a man calling himself Henry Gale, who he believes is an "Other," and Sayid does what he must to get the truth.


We open in FLASHBACK on an Iraqi bunker during the first Gulf War. As bombs continue to fall around them, a brutal Republican Guard commander urges his soldiers to destroy their documents before it's too late. The door is kicked in and a squad of American soldiers captures the Iraqi soldiers. They want to know who is in charge and thankfully one of the new prisoners speaks English. Sayid.

Sayid is taken aside for questioning and asked where the commander, Tariq, is. But Sayid is a loyal member of the Republican Guard, so he tells the Americans that Tariq fled long before they arrived. And it looks like the Americans believe him. Until he is led into a room to find Tariq tied to a chair in front of him.

On the island, Rousseau has been spotted near the camp on the beach. And when Sayid asks what she is doing there, she tells him she was looking for him. She leads him through the jungle; she has something important to show him. They arrive in a clearing to find a man hanging in a net from a tree. Rousseau has given them a prisoner.

Back in FLASHBACK, Sayid is being used to translate the interrogation of his own commanding officer. The Americans are looking for a missing helicopter pilot and they know Tariq can lead them to him. But the commander refuses to cooperate. And Sayid's continuing loyalty clouds his own involvement, despite the threats of what's to come.

Sayid is introduced to a man who has some information about the kind of man Sayid's boss really is. He tells Sayid it is very important they find the missing helicopter pilot, but he knows Tariq will never talk to him. That's why Sayid is going to have to make him talk. And so Sayid goes back inside the holding room with Tariq. Only this time he brings a few tools with him…

Back in the Hatch now, Sayid is "talking" to this prisoner. And honestly, the guy tells a very compelling story. It sounds like he's a victim in all of this, just like the rest of them. And Sayid may have more in common with this man than he realizes. But he wants to be sure. After what he has been through, Sayid needs to be sure. And we see just how much Sayid has learned since that dark day back in Iraq with Tariq. Even after he swore he would never do anything like that again.

But, you see…that's the thing about human nature. We all have a dark side. And if we need something badly enough, there is almost no limit to what we will do, or who we will become in order to get it.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer."

- Sayid

Background InformationEdit

  • Sayid is asked by Sgt. Austen to translate his questions to Tariq. Sgt. Austen is Kate's father. Sam is also holding a picture of Kate when he questions Sayid as to whether he has a wife and kids.

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