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Name Omar
Gender Male
Country Florida, US
Occupation Mercenary aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) The Constant, Meet Kevin Johnson, Cabin Fever
Played By Anthony Azizi

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Season 4 (Days 93-Present)Edit

Omar is a crew member aboard the Kahana. When Frank returned with Desmond and Sayid, he assisted Keamy in escorting Desmond to the sick bay to join Minkowski, who was experiencing a similar symptom. After Ray sounded the alarm, Omar and Keamy return to see Desmond on the satellite phone with Daniel. As the havoc ensued, Omar was grabbed by Sayid who was ready to punch him. Keamy and Omar took Frank to see the captain of the ship, and locked Desmond, Sayid and George in the room. (The Constant)

While on the deck of the Kahana, Omar was present for the launching of discs off the side of the ship, which Keamy would proceed to shoot at for target practice. When Michael stated that he thought that they were going on a rescue mission, Omar chuckled along with several others aboard. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

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