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Name Omar
Gender Male
Country Iraq
Occupation Republican Guard Soldier
Episode(s) Solitary
Played By Navid Negahban

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Omar was a member of the Republican Guard and was Sayid Jarrah’s superior officer. When Omar witnessed Sayid interrogate a man named Falah, he was impressed with the way he handled himself that he decided to put in for Sayid’s reassignment to Intelligence Division. Omar places Sayid in charge of interrogating a woman who was linked to Falah and was the one in charge of the entire operation, Noor Abed Jazeem. When the negotiations go nowhere and no information is extracted from Jazeem, Omar demands Sayid execute her to send a message to those who will not cooperate. When Sayid cannot go through with the execution and attempts to free Noor, Omar catches him in the act, and while calling for the guard, is killed by Sayid.

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