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The Oceanic Six is a group of characters who have safely gotten off the Island and are given flashforward episodes showing them coping with life after rescue, as opposed to the regular style of flashbacks.

At the end of Through the Looking Glass it is revealed that Jack Shephard and Kate Austen got off the Island. This introduced the idea that several of the survivors did manage to return home. In The Beginning of the End when it is revealed that Hugo "Hurley" Reyes has returned as well, he shouts that "he is one of the Oceanic Six", indicating that including himself, 6 people have returned from the Island. In The Economist it was revealed that Sayid Jarrah has also returned and that he is an assassin working for Benjamin Linus. In Eggtown, Aaron was revealed to be one of the Oceanic Six under the care of Kate, whom he refers to as "mommy". In Ji Yeon, Sun-Hwa Kwon is revealed as the final member of the Oceanic Six.

The Oceanic SixEdit

Jack Shephard

Jack visits Hurley as Santa Rosa to see if he is still doing okay, and stated that they will never return to the island. Jack has become a drug-addicted alcoholic and is contemplating suicide. Jack tells Kate that it was a mistake to leave the island, that they "weren't meant" to do it and that they have to go back.

Through the Looking Glass - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate agrees to meet Jack at the airport to discuss something. Jack informs her of an unidentified person's funeral and she asks him why she would go. After Jack tells her that they need to return to the island, she leaves, saying that, "he's gonna be wondering where I am."

The Beginning of the End
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley begins seeing visions of Charlie, and heads off on a high-speed car chase. After doing so, he is interrogated by Mike Walton, who arranges him to be sent back to Santa Rosa. Hurley finally makes contact with Charlie, who informs him that "they need him".

The Economist - Sayid Jarrah
Sayid Jarrah

Sayid is hired as an assassin, and courts a woman, Elsa, in order to get closer to her employer. After several dates, Sayid turns on Elsa, who reveals herself to be a counter-spy by unexpectedly shooting Sayid in the shoulder. Sayid is able to shoot and kill Elsa. Sayid is treated for his wound by Ben, who gives him another assignment.

Aaron Littleton

After being acquitted of her charges and released on a probationary sentence, Kate returns to her home where it is revealed she is taking care of Aaron Littleton.

Ji Yeon - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

After giving birth to Ji Yeon, Sun is visited by Hurley. Hurley inquires as to whether anybody else will be coming, to which Sun says no, much to Hurley's delight. The three then proceed to visit Jin's grave site.

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