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Oceanic Airlines
Oceanic 815
Name Oceanic Airlines
Country Australia
Introduced In Pilot - Part 1
Type Airline

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Oceanic is a major Australian air plane orginazition, founded in 1980. It temporarily ceased operations after the crash of oceanic 815, but later resumed flights for yet unknown reasons. Oceanic flights previously flew to destinations such as Los Angeles, London, Sydney, and Seoul.

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

Flight 815 was a regular, timetabled flight from Sydney Airport to LA. The flight time was 13 hours, 52 minutes. There were 361 passenger seats on the plane. There were 30 First Class, 45 Business Class and 286 Economy Class seats. Passengers with known seat numbers are as follows:

The Crash and AftermathEdit


Flight 815 breaks apart in mid-flight

Flight 815 split into three parts in midair due to a sudden loss of structural integrity.

The central fuselage landed on the southern coast of the island. 50 people survived the crash, including one yet unborn baby.

The tail section landed in the ocean on the opposite, northern, side of the island from the center section, about "an hour's run" away from The Other's Village. This third section had 22 survivors.

The very front of the plane, with part of Business Class and the cockpit, landed in the jungle, not too far inland from the remains of the fuselage; of the passengers in this section of the plane, only one man survived the initial impact - Seth Norris.

Various pieces were also scattered through the nearby jungle, including a complete set of seats found in a small pool beneath a waterfall, and passenger Jack Shephard woke up jabbed into a bamboo stand on the edges of the jungle in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

During the season 2 finale, Desmond Hume surmises that the electromagnetic field built up by not "pushing the button" was to blame for the plane crash, as, according to the computer log printouts from The Pearl, the "system failure" happened on September 22, 2004, the date on which the crash took place.

The character Hurley believes the plane crashed due to the bad luck which seems to accompany him following his lottery win with "the numbers".

Various FlightsEdit

Aside from Oceanic Flight 815, various other flights have appeared on the show as well.

OceanicAirlines - Lockdown
Los Angeles, California

While visiting his father at the Flightline Motel, a plane bearing the Oceanic Airlines logos flies overhead of Locke.

OceanicAirlines - I Do
Costa Rica

Kate's ex-husband Kevin Callis was planning a surprise trip to Costa Rica with Kate, and the tickets were for Oceanic Airlines.

OceanicAirlines - Not in Portland
Miami, Florida

While visiting with her sister Rachel, Juliet opens the drapes covering the window, and an Oceanic Airlines plane makes it landing.

OceanicAirlines - Through the Looking Glass
Los Angeles, California

After receiving a "Golden Pass" from Oceanic after being rescued from the island, Jack takes advantage of the pass at various times making trips across the Pacific in hopes that the plane will crash.


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