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Noor Abed Jazeem
Name Noor Abed Jazeem
Gender Female
Country Iraq / Irvine, CA, USA
Occupation Iraqi Insurgent, Medical Testing Lab Technician
Episode(s) Solitary, Lockdown, Greatest Hits, There's No Place Like Home - Part 1
Played By Andrea Gabriel

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Nobody calls her Noor, she is affectionately known as “Nadia”, and was the childhood friend of Sayid Jarrah. Nadia was born into a wealthy family in Iraq. When she was a child she used to show Sayid affection by pushing him in the mud because he ignored her.

Nadia’s life would take a turn when she was responsible for many terrorist acts against her country. She was tortured many times by the Republican Guard. When she was responsible for orchestrating a bombing on the Baathist Party Headquarters in Najaf, Iraq she was interrogated by Sayid. Over the course of the weeks she would be imprisoned, Sayid pretended to interrogate her while he would actually be conversing with her about old times. When Sayid was ordered to execute her, he makes a daring plan to free her, however; this plan backfired when Sayid is caught by his Superior Officer in the act. Sayid shoots him, and then himself so that Nadia can free herself. She takes one of the photographs Sayid possessed of her and wrote “You’ll find me in the next life, if not in this one” on the back.

After being the victim of a mugging in the United Kingdom, Nadia was rescued by Charlie Pace. She praised Charlie for coming to her rescue, and told him that he was a hero, and not to let anyone ever tell him differently.

Nadia would eventually make her way to the United States and settle down in Irvine, California. Nadia purchased a home there and had it inspected by John Locke of Welcome Home who told her that the seismic bolting was all first rate, there was no visible mould, no dry rot, and that she and her husband purchased a nice house. She then corrected him by saying that if she had a husband, he would be happy to hear that. Nadia would become employed as a lab technician at a medical testing company.

Reuniting with old friendEdit

She learns that there were survivors from Oceanic 815 and eventually took a plane to Honolulu where she managed to see Sayid, though she was not in the initial list of relatives.

Later Nadia and Sayid were invited to Hurley's Birthday party.

Some time later she became the wife of Sayid.

For reasons unknown she was killed by Ishmael Bakir, who was an employee of Charles Widmore.

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