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Nikki Fernandez
Name Nikki Fernandez
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Actress/Con Artist
Family Lover - Paulo
Flashback(s) Exposé
Played By Kiele Sanchez

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Nikki Fernandez was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 returning to Los Angeles from Sydney after killing the director of the television series Exposé, and conning him out of $8 million dollars in diamonds.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Nikki was an actress and made a guest star appearance on a dramatic television series called Exposé. It was later revealed that she was some kind of con artist who worked with Paulo. They murdered the show's director, Howard L. Zukerman, that she was sleeping with to steal his $8 million diamond collection, which they brought with them on Flight 815 and lost during the crash. While waiting for their flight at the Sydney Airport, she listened to Paulo read Zukerman's obituary, and they were witness to part of an argument between Boone and Shannon. Afterward, she had Paulo promise that they would never end up like them. (Exposé)

On-Island LifeEdit


Nikki in "Further Instructions".

Nikki was one of the many survivors of Flight 815 that were in the Fuselage section of the plane. In the immediate aftermath of the crash, she was dazed and confused. As she attempted to find Paulo, she ran into Boone, who asked her for a pen to save Rose Henderson and Dr. Arzt, whom she accidentally mistook for Paulo, and witnessed Gary Troup being sucked into one of the engines, causing it to explode. She did find Paulo, eventually, staring off into the ocean. However, when she asked him about the diamonds, she discovered he had no idea where they were. Six days later, they were still searching for the diamonds in the wreckage, when Ethan showed up, introduced himself, and offered to help. However, their conversation was soon interrupted by Dr. Arzt who was running through the camp, telling everyone he passed by that Boone had stolen the last of the water. They followed Arzt to the scene, where several of the survivors (Charlie Pace, Sayid Jarrah and James "Sawyer" Ford) were accusing Boone. However, Jack arrived and calmed them all down, telling them that if they did not learn to live together, they would all die alone.

Several weeks later, Nikki spoke with Dr. Arzt about his scientific background. He was more than willing to share with her, bragging about finding twenty new etymological species on the island, and describing the attributes of the Medusa spider to her. She then asked him if he could use his knowledge of trajectories to help her find some of her missing luggage. Later, when the two of them were following Arzt's map, Paulo questioned the wisdom of following the advice of a high school science teacher, suggesting that Ethan would have been more helpful. During the discussion, Nikki noticed his jealousy and joked that she slept with Arzt to get the map. Paulo countered that he would not be surprised, considering the fact that she slept with Zuckerman. He attempted to apologize, but Nikki cut him off when she spotted a plane stuck in the canopy. Even though Nikki urged him to climb up and check to see there was a radio, he refused, convinced that his weight would cause the plane to fall and kill him. Moments later, as they were walking away, Paulo walked across a hollow-sounding metallic object. They quickly uncovered it and discovered that it was a man-made hatch that led down into the earth. Paulo wished to explore, but Nikki, still upset with him, refused and stormed off.

A little over a week later, Nikki and Paulo came across Arzt and Shannon Rutherford arguing with Kate over the fact that she, Jack, and Sawyer had found a case of guns and kept it to themselves. After Shannon and Arzt leave angry at the way the three had handled the situation, Nikki asked Kate where they had found the case. A short time later, Nikki and Paulo arrived at the waterfall where the case had been found, and Nikki told Paulo to dive into the water to look for the bag. Paulo, however, was hesitant, worrying that she was only still with him, because she needed him to help her get the bag, but she was insistent, and he dove in to look for the bag. While underwater, Paulo located the bag, but, when he surfaced, he told Nikki that he found nothing. Nikki left, upset, and he dove back under to retrieve the bag. (Exposé)

When Hurley, Locke, Charlie, Eko and Desmond returned to the camp without Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Jin and Sun, Nikki questioned as to where Jack was. It was then that Locke proceeded to give a speech stating that he was going to get the survivors back. (Further Instructions)

To fill the void left by Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, Locke offered other survivors an opportunity to venture back to the Pearl station. Nikki, wanting to take a more active role in things, volunteered to go, much to the surprise of Paulo, who she then convinced to accompany her. At the Pearl, she watched the orientation tape and examined the surveillance system. She suggested that, while the computer didn't seem to connect to any other station, perhaps the other TV monitors may be linked to other, yet-to-be-seen stations, which prompted Sayid to work with the wiring. Suddenly, Nikki and the other members of their party saw an image of a man with an eye patch in a station similar to the original Swan, who quickly severed the connection. After Nikki exited with Locke, Desmond, Paulo, and Sayid, she witnessed Mr. Eko die and attended his funeral at the same location. (The Cost of Living)

A few days later, Nikki along with several other survivors set up the ping pong table, which managed to survive the destruction of the hatch. When Sawyer showed up to give them a hard time for taking his stuff, Nikki pointed out that none of it was really his to begin with. This caused Sawyer to snap at her and challenge the other survivors to a game of ping-pong for his stuff. (Enter 77)

Nikki found out about Paulo hiding the diamonds from her when she saw his nicotine gum, and in anger released a Medusa spider on him that caused Paulo to be paralyzed for eight hours. Nikki also gets bitten. After being put into paralysis by venomous spiders, both Nikki and Paulo were mistaken for being dead and buried alive by Hurley, Sawyer, Sun, Jin and Charlie. The effects of the venom were just beginning to wear off, and she was able to open her eyes just as some of the sand landed on her face. Since Hurley and Sawyer did not see her eyes open they continued to fill the grave completely, killing both her and Paulo from oxygen starvation. (Exposé)

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