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New South Wales Police
Sydney Police Department
Name New South Wales Police
Country Sydney, Australia
Introduced In Hearts and Minds
Type Police Department

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The New South Wales Police is the main force for protecting the citizens of the state of New South Wales, Australia (which includes Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales). Several characters have been involved with the New South Wales Police.

James FordEdit

After getting into a bar fight with the Honourable Warren Truss, Sawyer was arrested and brought to the Sydney Police Station. When he became irate he was hauled out of the room by two officers, kicking the desk of Detective Calderwood on his way out, and breaking his mug. Sawyer was brought back three days later to meet with Calderwood, who went through a laundry list of James' prior felonies: Assault, Wire Fraud, Identity Theft, Bank Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud. He then informed him that James wasn't worth what it would cost them to incarcerate him, and was deported and banned from ever setting foot in Australia again. (Exodus - Part 1)

Boone CarlyleEdit

After Boone believed that Shannon was being assaulted by her boyfriend Bryan, Boone went to the Sydney police in the attempts of getting someone to look into the matter. Boone met with Detective Malcolm who took down Boone's information, and then discovered that Boone and Shannon were step-siblings by marriage. Boone was disappointed to learn that Malcolm planned to take no further action into the matter by claiming that they were the police, and not "the dating police". (Hearts and Minds)

Claire LittletonEdit

After getting into a car accident in Sydney, Claire Littleton was interviewed by Officer Barnes in a Sydney hospital (Par Avion).


These are characters that have been involved with the New South Wales Police in one way or another.



Formerly ArrestedEdit

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