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Name Nathan
Gender Male
Country Canada
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) The Other 48 Days
Played By Josh Randall

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Nathan was a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and landed on the other side of the Island in the tail section.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Nathan, originally from Canada, was visiting Australia as part of a company retreat. Nathan spent a few extra days in Sydney to sightsee, and ended up on Oceanic Flight 815. Nathan was apparently not seen on the plane by his fellow passengers due to the fact that he spent most of his time in the bathroom. (The Other 48 Days)

On-Island LifeEdit

When the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 was ripped apart from the rest of the airplane, Nathan would find himself among other survivors in the water, swimming towards the shore. He would join 22 other survivors and make camp for the night. When a survivor among his camp kills two men in an act of self defense, Nathan is the one to notice the next day that three of their group have gone missing. It was then discovered that the men that were killed, were living on the island before the crash.

When Ana-Lucia suggests that they need to get off the beach and find a safer place to stay, Nathan brings up the fact that they have children and people who are wounded among them and that the only way they would be rescued is if they stayed at the beach. Nathan was backed up by a man named Goodwin, and the camp would eventually take Nathan’s side when Cindy informed the group that they required the signal fire because the rescue parties did not know where to look.

On Day 12, Nathan emerges from the jungle after claiming to be going to the bathroom, he was absent from the camp for over two hours, and was given a stern lecture from Ana-Lucia informing him that they have a system of pairs for going to the bathroom. Later that night, 9 of the survivors among the camp were kidnapped, when Ana-Lucia becomes frustrated when no trail is left by them, Nathan suggests that she should calm down. When Ana-Lucia presents Nathan with a list of names found on one of the bodies, he suggests that the names could have been gathered from the people they already took, he also suggests that it’s possible that they are watching them. Ana-Lucia then shifts suspicion onto Nathan’s shoulders when she remembers that he had left for two hours earlier that day. A decision is then made to leave the beach, and head into the jungle to find a safer place.

3 Days later while walking through the jungle, the group stops to rest to gather water. Nathan then suggests that their location is perfect to setup camp due to it’s proximity to fresh water, fruit trees, and the convenience of having rock wall against their backs, Ana-Lucia agrees. While working with Bernard to setup a trap to catch rabbits, Nathan is suddenly kicked in the face by Ana-Lucia and tossed into a deep pit that it covered by a bamboo ceiling; imprisoning him inside. Ana-Lucia informs the rest of the group that Nathan was not aboard the plane, as the group ponders this, Libby mentions the fact that whenever she talks to him he dodges her questions; Ana-Lucia's theory is confirmed by Cindy when she admits that she did not see him on the plane.

Ana would frequently interrogate Nathan, and when she asked him why he was in Australia he informed her that he was on a company retreat and that he remained a few extra days to sightsee. When he mentions that he doesn’t remember seeing Ana-Lucia on the plane, Ana simply replies that the reason was because he wasn’t on it.

When Ana returns on Day 23 to continue the interrogation she throws a giant rock at Nathan to force him to move, exposing a banana peel inside the pit. It was later revealed that Mr. Eko was the one that provided Nathan with the banana. Later that night, Goodwin arrived to help Nathan out of the pit, he informed Nathan that the rest of the group had a suspicion that Ana-Lucia was going to harm him and that he should escape. However, while doing so he prepared to head for the beach but was suddenly stopped by Goodwin, and murdered when he had his neck snapped.

The tail section survivors do not realize that Nathan is dead, they assumed the Others set him free. It was not until Ana confronted Goodwin, that she learned the truth. (The Other 48 Days)

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