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Naomi Dorrit
Naomi Dorrit
Name Naomi Dorrit
Gender Female
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Occupation Crew Leader aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) Catch-22, D.O.C., The Brig, The Man Behind the Curtain, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, The Economist, Meet Kevin Johnson
Flashback(s) Confirmed Dead
Played By Marsha Thomason

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Naomi arrived on the island claiming to be part of a search team hired by Penny Widmore, looking for Desmond Hume. She bailed out of a crashing helicopter, and was found unconscious and injured in a tree. A satellite phone was found on her person, which was used to contact her freighter located 18 miles offshore.


Prior to the IslandEdit

Naomi was recruited by Matthew Abaddon to lead a group of four people, Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis, Miles Straume, and Frank Lapidus, on a mission to the island. Naomi is wary, convinced that the group is not suited for the job and is concerned what to do if she encounters crash survivors. Abaddon tells her there are no survivors and to just do as she is told. (Confirmed Dead)

In Fiji, Naomi is checking in crew members of the Kahana and meets Michael Dawson, using the alias 'Kevin Johnson'. They talk about where they are from and she gives him a package delivered to him. Later, while at sea, Naomi is arguing with Frank. She tells him she will be going to the island first, but he thinks it is too dangerous and demands to know why she is going. Naomi tells Frank that that is a need-to-know operation and he does not need to know. Naomi later departs to the island on the helicopter. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season Three (Days 68-91)Edit

Naomi was flying toward the island in a helicopter which crashed into the water, however, Naomi had ejected from the helicopter in time, and parachuted onto the island. She was discovered hanging in a tree by Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley. Before her mask was removed, she was suspected of being Desmond's long lost love Penny Widmore. When the mask is removed, Naomi utters a single word: "Desmond?". (Catch-22)

As the men examined her, Naomi began to stir and muttered something in Spanish, which Hurley, who had fetched some water for her, translated for them as, "I'm dying". As she began to slip back into unconsciousness, Desmond discovered a small branch that had lodged itself into her side. A while later, while they were still trying to determine how to help her, she made another plea for help. This time her words were Chinese, which none of them could translate. Her third plea was in Italian, which the newly captured Mikhail Bakunin understood. Mikhail made an arrangement for his freedom by agreeing to assist in removing a branch from her side which punctured her lung. After the branch was removed, Naomi made another attempt to speak, saying, in Portuguese, that she was not alone. Mikhail, being the only one who understood her, lied to the group, and told them she said, "thank you." (D.O.C.)

Upon successfully completing his work, Mikhail was released by Desmond as per the agreement and telling them that Naomi would be better in about one day. Hurley watched over Naomi while attempting to use her satellite phone. When she awoke she asked where she was to which Hurley stated that she was on an island, but he did not know where they were. Hurley inquired as to whether Naomi was there to rescue them, and he stated that they were the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Naomi told him that was impossible, since Flight 815 had been found, and there were no survivors. (The Brig)

Later, Sayid attempted to make use of the satellite phone that Naomi carried as she told them that Penelope Widmore sent her for Desmond. That night, she informed the camp about the wreckage being found with no survivors, causing a brief uproar amongst some. When Jack and Juliet returned, they took the group into the jungle, leaving Naomi behind. When they returned, Naomi spoke to Charlie about events off-island, mainly his memorial service and the Greatest Hits album released by Drive Shaft. When Jack explained that they will head off to the radio tower to transmit a distress call to Naomi's boat, Naomi's face suddenly dropped. However, she headed off with Jack and the others regardless. (Greatest Hits)

As the group hikes toward the tower, Naomi approaches Jack and shows him how to program her phone, in case anything happens to her. The next day, Charlie is successful in unblocking the signal. The group arrives at the radio tower and after turning off Danielle Rousseau's message, she calls her boat. After she gets a signal, she has a knife thrown into her back by Locke and collapses. (Through the Looking Glass)

After Jack gets through to her boat, they notice Naomi has crawled away. Jack and Rousseau lead Ben to go find her. However, Naomi laid a false trail and that's the trail they have been following. Kate picks up Naomi's real trail and gets ambushed by her. Naomi holds a knife to her throat and demands to know why she was attacked. Kate tells her that it was Locke who attacked her and that he is no longer part of their group. Naomi calls her boat and speaks to Minkowski. She covers for the survivors, telling him she injured herself when she parachuted onto the island. She reprograms her phone to help them get a better signal. She then succumbs to her wounds, telling Minkowski "tell my sister I love her". As Naomi does not have a sister, this is a code phrase used to alert the boat that she did not die of natural causes. (The Beginning of the End)

Later the next day, Miles examines Naomi's body and, after communicating with her, declares she was indeed killed by Locke.

Naomi's body is then carried to Frank's helicopter. After praying, Sayid kneels by her stretcher to respectfully close her eyelids and drape her with a blanket. He notices a silver metal bracelet on her wrist. On the inside of the bracelet there is an inscription reading "N, I'll always be with you. R.G." She is then taken off the island along with Frank, Sayid and Desmond toward the freighter. (The Economist)

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