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Name Nadine
Gender Female
Country France
Occupation Part of the science expedition crew
Episode(s) The Little Prince, This Place is Death
Played By Alexandra Tabas

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Nadine was a member of the French science expedition that crash landed on the island in 1988. Nadine and the rest of her fellow crewmembers were forced to abandon their ship during a storm, and arrived to the island on a lifeboat. The surviving crew then came upon a time-displaced Jin-Soo Kwon, who had somehow survived the explosion of the Kahana, and had traveled with the island when it was moved by Benjamin Linus. (The Little Prince)

Upon arriving on the island, Nadine and the rest of the French crew made it top priority to get a radio signal out, in hopes of being located and rescued. The crew then began a trek to the island's radio tower, which involved a long trek through the jungle. However, at one point during the journey, Nadine suddenly went missing without warning. After a quick search by the rest of her crew, Nadine's lifeless and bloody body was discovered after it dropped from the trees above their heads. Jin informed the crew that Nadine had become a victim of the monster, and that they must flee. (This Place is Death)

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