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Music plays a big part in the themes of LOST. Music is often played at the end of an episode to set the theme of the show, or played during the show on the Swan's record player to enhance a particular scene.

Music FeaturedEdit

Leavin' On Your Mind

This song is heard in the truck when Kate and Ray are driving and encounter The Marshal.

Wash Away

Is heard during the end sequence before the credits.

Are You Sure

Is heard during the end sequence before the credits.

I Shall Not Walk Alone

Is heard during the end sequence before the credits.


Is heard during the end sequence before the credits.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

This song is heard at the beginning of "Man of Science, Man of Faith" as Desmond goes through his day to day exercises and chores. It is also heard in at the end of the episode (and in the alternate angle scenes from "Adrift") when Jack enters the Hatch. The song is also heard twice in the pub in Desmond's flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" outdoor fountains.very briefly play's in the car ride with Juliet Burke and her sister to the new job.

My Conversation

The song is playing in the hatch during Hurley's opening dream sequence.

Up On The Roof

The song is playing in the hatch when Hurley and Link Building Service Rose are doing inventory on the food inside the pantry.

Easy Money

The song is playing on the radio when Hurley and Johnny are escaping after their prank on Randy.


The song is heard in Shannon's apartment when she discovers she has been accepted for a dance internship in New York.


The song is heard in the bar that Ana-Lucia is in when she plans her pre-meditated murder of Jason.

The End of the World

The song is playing in the diner when Kate delivers the insurance papers to her mother after murdering her father.

Walking After Midnight

The song is playing in the hatch when Kate tends to an injured Sawyer. the song is also playing in the car when Ana-Lucia and Christian are driving to Lindsey's house. The song was also heard at the beginning of "Left Behind" in Kate's flashback.

Fall on Me

Charlie and Hurley opt to play this song over one by "Geronimo Jackson".

He's Evil

While fishing with Jin, Charlie sings a few lyrics of the song, then inquires as to whether Jin likes the band. This song is being played inside Charlie and Liam's apartment.

Papa Loves Mambo

While Libby and Hurley are doing laundry in the hatch, this song is heard on the record player.

Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin

One of the last notes of this song is heard when Sayid and Hurley are trying to receive a signal on the radio.

Moonlight Serenade

This song is heard over the radio that Sayid and Hurley are listening to while searching for signals with the radio the tail section brought back with them, and when Jack watches Sarah from his car at the playground.

Catch A Falling Star

When Claire and Ethan are in the baby's room in the Dharma Medical Station, this song plays on the mobile.

Pushin' Too Hard

Jack and Locke listen to this song while in the hatch when they are waiting for Ana to complete her conversation with Henry.

I'll Share My World With You

Locke has this song playing in the background when he is looking for the engagement ring and preparing the picnic.

Compared to What

Locke has this song playing over the record player in the hatch while he is exercising.

These Arms Of Mine

This song is played during the end sequence of the episode, and is also being played on the record player in the hatch.

Hard Way

This song is played while Ana-Lucia and Christian are driving near the Sydney pier.

Voi Che Sapete

This song is played by Desmond inside his boat when he is sailing back towards the island.

Chains and Things

This song is played by Kelvin inside the hatch with Desmond when they fake the Lockdown to work on the hatch's blast door map.

Speaking In Tongues

When Juliet plays Patula Clark "Down Town", Juliet takes the CD out of the CD jewel case, Talking Heads "Speaking In Tongues"; The liner art can be seen in the CD case.


This song is played by on Juliet's CD Player at the beginning of the Season 3 premiere. The song is also playing when Juliet and Rachel are driving to meet Ethan and Richard.

The Thunderer

This song is played whenever Sawyer activates the food dispenser inside the DHARMA cage.

I Feel Like Going Home

While driving down the street, Locke picks up Eddie in his truck, this song is playing on the radio.

I Wonder

This song is playing on the loudspeakers during Colleen Pickett's funeral.

Eko Lagos

This song is playing in the bar that Eko meets with the Trader in.


This song is played as Kate walks down the hall to her hotel room before Kevin arrives.

Wedding March

This song is played as Kate walks down the aisle with Kevin at their wedding.

Building a Mystery

This song is played in side Desmond's flat when he is speaking with Penny about his upcoming job interview with the Widmore Corporation.


This song appears both at the beginning of the episode when Young Hurley is working on the car, and later when Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Sawyer are riding around in the van on the island. The song is also heard in Ben's flashback, where we see Ben and his father listening to the song together inside the van.

Addio del Passato

This song is heard in Juliet's flashback when Juliet and Goodwin are in bed together.

Carrie Ann

While Charlie is being taught to swim by his father, this song can be heard playing in the background.

Scentless Apprentice

As Jack drives to the funeral for the viewing of an unknown person, this song can be heard playing inside his car.

Wann ist es Liebe

This song is playing in the cafe when Sayid and Elsa meet.

If You Stayed Over

This song is playing in the Elsa's room while she and Sayid are lying in bed together


Hurley and Sawyer listen to a portion of this song in their home, after Hurley plays a VHS tape of the film Xanadu, which contains this song.

She's Got You

Claire and Kate were listening to this song in their home, when Locke came to speak with Kate. Kate is also listening to this song while she and Aaron are driving to Cassidy's house.

Un bel di vedremo

This song is playing during Ben and Juliet's dinner together.

It's Getting Better

Michael plays this song on the car radio during his suicide attempt. This song also plays aboard the Kahana when Michael contemplated detonating the explosive device.

Prelude in C# Minor

Ben plays this song on the piano when Locke, Hurley, and Sawyer arrive to inform him about the phone call.


A young version of John's mother, Emily Locke, dances to this song while getting ready for a date. Her mother interrupts Emily to try to stop her from seeing "him."

Gouge Away

Jack listens to this song while driving to the Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor to visit the remains of Jeremy Bentham.

Shotgun Willie

As Pierre awakes, and prepares for his day, he places this record on his turntable.

Dream Police

As Hurley enters the convenience store in search of new clothing, this song is playing on the overhead speakers.


Jin listens to this song in the DHARMA van when he first discovers Jack, Kate and Hurley on the island. The song is also playing when the new recruits are greeted.


Phil chastises Jerry for both engaging in a hootenanny with Rosie, and allowing her inside the security room while they two are dancing to this song.

Ride Captain Ride

As the new DHARMA recruits are welcomed to the island, this song can be heard playing throughout the Barracks.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Oldham is listening to this song when Horace, LaFleur, Stuart and Phil arrive with Sayid for his interrogation.

It Never Rains in Southern California

While on their way to the Orchid station, Miles and Hurley listen to this song while in the DHARMA van.

Love Will Keep Us Together

Miles and Hurley also listen to this song in the DHARMA van, while on their way to the Orchid station.

Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor

Daniel plays this song on the piano as a child, and also as an adult in 2004.

PatsyClineThree Cigarettes
Three Cigarettes (In an Ashtray)

This song is playing inside the general store when Kate and Tom attempt to steal the New Kids on the Block lunchbox.

Music ReferencedEdit

Many songs are alluded to by several characters though them either mentioning a lyric from a song, or singing a verse.

Songs ReferencedEdit

House of the Rising Sun

The title of the episode House of the Rising Sun is most likely a reference to the song of the same name, popularized by the music group 'The Animals'.

La Mer

Shannon sings this song to Sayid at the end of the episode after remembering exactly what the notation on Rousseau's notes were.

Heart and Soul

Jack and Sarah perform this on the piano as Jack contemplates what he will write for his vows.

I Got You

Hurley sings this to Baby Aaron after Charlie's attempts to calm him fail.

Redemption Song

Sawyer sings a few verses while on the raft which grabs the attention of a perplexed Michael.


While cracking open coconuts, Sayid is approached by Hurley who asks him if he's going to put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up.

Ardulfurataini Watan (The Land of The Two Rivers)

Kelvin sings this song while underneath the Swan dangling the key above the fail-safe, after drinking a bottle of Merlot.


During Desmond's flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Charlie is seen on the streets of London playing for on-lookers, and he sings this song for the crowd. Sans Desmond, this same scene is repeated in the episode "Greatest Hits".

The Colonel Bogey March

While trekking down the beach to the cable wire, Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley whistle this song.

The Celtic Song

In Desmond's flashback, he sings this song while drinking the wine which was bottled by his monastery.

Good Vibrations

Typing this song into the Looking Glass' keypad stops the transmissions from being jammed to the outside world.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Charlie has a tattoo containing the phrase "Living is Easy with Eyes Closed", which is a lyric from this song.

Musicians ReferencedEdit

The Hold Steady

After winning the lottery, Hurley works up the courage to ask Starla out, and invites her to a concert featuring "The Hold Steady", who were playing at a local venue.

Phil Collins

Sawyer steals a Phil Collins tape from Bernard to give to Kate as a gift.

Fictional ReferencesEdit

Drive Shaft

"You All EveryBody", performed by Charlie and Liam Pace of Drive Shaft in "The Moth". The song is also heard in "Homecoming" when Charlie meets Lucy. A variation of the song is heard in "Fire + Water" when Drive Shaft is filming their commercial for Butties Diapers. In "Greatest Hits", Drive Shaft listens to their hit song being played on the radio for the first time.

Geronimo Jackson

A record found inside the hatch of unknown origin. Eddie is seen wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt in Locke's flashback, and Mike is familiar with the band. Locke had a vinyl record jacket in his locker in high school. The DJ at Hurley's birthday party, had a Geronimo Jackson record.

See alsoEdit

Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino is an Academy Award-nominated American soundtrack composer who has composed several multi-award winning scores for many popular movies, television series and video games.

Lost Soundtrack
Season One Soundtrack

On March 21, 2006, the original television soundtrack to Lost was released by the record label Varese Sarabande. It includes full length versions of the themes heard on the show during the first season.

Lost Soundtrack 2
Season Two Soundtrack

On October 3, 2006, Varese Sarabande released another soundtrack album featuring music composed by Giacchino from the show's second season.

Lost Soundtrack 3
Season Three Soundtrack

On May 6, 2008, Varese Sarabande released another soundtrack album featuring music composed by Giacchino from the show's third season. The soundtrack contains two discs: the first featuring selected music from the season, the second featuring the entire original score from the acclaimed season finale episodes, "Greatest Hits" and "Through the Looking Glass".

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