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Name Munson
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Lila
Episode(s) Every Man for Himself
Played By Ian Gomez

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Munson is a man who was convicted of stealing $10 Million from the government, and was incarcerated in the same prison as Sawyer. During his time in the prison, Munson was beaten on a regular basis by other inmates, and the fights were broken by Warden Harris.

Sawyer suggested to Munson that the only reason Harris was breaking up the fights was because he wants to know the location of the stolen money. Sawyer then informs him that the Warden is going to use his wife against him. It was not until Munson had a visit from his wife, Lila, when she asked him to reveal the location of the money, that he began to believe Sawyer and requested his assistance.

Munson confronted Sawyer and informed his that everything he had said was true, and that he thought his wife truly loved him. Sawyer explained that money tends to change things, and that's why you never get attached. Munson confesses to Sawyer that he stole the money, and that he needs his help moving it. Munson goes on to explain that his wife has hired a P.I. and that she'll find it eventually and that if Sawyer doesn't help him, the Warden will get it all.

Sawyer later meets with the Warden and Agent Freedman from the Treasury Department. Sawyer reveals the location of the $10 Million to Agent Freedman, and Warden Harris revokes the remaining 6 years of Sawyer's sentence, and the Treasury Department provides Sawyer with a commission, which is put into an Albuquerque bank account, for his alleged daughter Clementine Phillips.