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Mrs. Paik
Mrs Paik
Name Mrs. Paik
Gender Female
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Mr. Paik
Child Sun-Hwa Kwon
Episode(s) ...And Found
Played By June Kyoko Lu

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Mrs. Paik is the wife of automotive industrialist Mr. Paik. When her daughter Sun returned from the Seoul National University without a husband, Mr. Paik decided it was time for Sun to get married and Mrs. Paik arranged for a matchmaker to pair Sun up. Before meeting Sun’s date, Mrs. Paik was very particular about how Sun was to look and act. After meeting Jae Lee, Mrs. Paik would leave the lunch and allow her daughter to get better acquainted with Jae. However, when Jae revealed he had other intentions involving marrying a woman he’d met at Harvard, Sun ended her relationship with him. It was later that day that she would meet Jin-Soo Kwon who would later become Sun’s husband, and Mrs. Paik’s son-in-law.

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