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Mrs. Dawson
Name Mrs. Dawson
Gender Female
Country New York, New York, US
Occupation Unknown
Family Son - Michael Dawson
Husband - Walter Dawson
Grandson - Walt Lloyd
Episode(s) Meet Kevin Johnson
Played By Starletta DuPois

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She was the mother of Michael Dawson and the wife of Walter Dawson. While Michael was at the Sydney Airport, he called her before his flight and asked her if she would consider taking custody of Walt, she denied his request and then Michael told her that Walt wasn't supposed to be his responsibility and that it was never part of the plan. (Exodus - Part 2)

When Michael and Walt returned to the United States, Walt moved in with Mrs. Dawson. When Michael visited her, she denied Michael the opportunity to see Walt as she was frustrated about having to use false names and cover up the crash. Mrs. Dawson stated that Walt was upset with whatever Michael had told him, which was later suspected of being the admission of the murder of Ana-Lucia and Libby. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

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