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Mr. Paik
Name Mr. Paik
Gender Male
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Owner of Paik Heavy Industries
Spouse Mrs. Paik
Child Sun-Hwa Kwon
Episode(s) ...In Translation, The Glass Ballerina, D.O.C., There's No Place Like Home - Part 1
Played By Byron Chung

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Mr. Paik is the owner of Paik Heavy Industries, an Automotive Manufacturer, in Korea. When his daughter Sun returned from the Seoul National University without a husband, Mr. Paik arranged for his wife to contact a matchmaker to find Sun a husband. However, after Sun falls for a man named Jae Lee she is let down when he reveals he is planning to marry a woman he had met at Harvard. Sun would meet Jin-Soo Kwon later that day, and the two would fall in love.

When Mr. Paik was visited by Jin, he requested Sun’s hand in marriage. Jin explained that his dreams for the future were to one day own his own hotel and restaurant. When Mr. Paik asked Jin if he would consider working for him in exchange for permission, Jin agreed. Mr. Paik then asked Jin why he should give his daughter to a man who sells his dreams own so quickly, Jin replied because she is his dream; hearing this Mr. Paik extended his hand and welcomed Jin into his family.

Jin was hired by Mr. Paik and was to undergo 6 months of management training and was later employed at his factory as a floor manager. Sun approached Paik with the request of $100,000, the reason for which she did not reveal, other than that it was to prevent great shame for someone she loved. Paik gathered that it was Jin whom she was protecting and presented her with the money, under the condition that Jin was indebted to Paik, and that he would no longer be a floor manager, and that he would be working directly for him.

When an accident occurred at Mr. Paik’s factory, Jin apologized for the incident claiming that the machinery is old; it was then that Jin was promoted to Special Assistant. Mr. Paik then assigned Jin to visit Byung Han the Secretary for Environmental Safety, and deliver a message as he was “very displeased”. Believing the message to be purely verbal, Jin delivered it according, much to the dislike of Mr. Paik, and his factory was closed causing him to lose millions. Mr. Paik ordered Jin to drive his associate to Mr. Han’s house where he would show Jin how to correctly deliver a message. When Jin discovered that the man he was driving planned to murder Mr. Han, Jin intervened to deliver the message himself and presented Byung with a savage beating informing him that he was to open the factory the next day, this event effectively saved his life.

After entering a hotel room, to discover Sun having an affair with Jae, he assigned Jin to take care of Jae. Jin, however, could not go through with ending Jae's life and presented him with the option of leaving the country as though he did not exist. Jae would commit suicide by leaping from the building moments later. Sun and Mr. Paik would attend his funeral.

Mr. Paik arranged for Jin to travel to Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California to deliver watches to his associates. Aware that Jin was planning to escape to America, Mr. Paik hired a private investigator to follow Jin to ensure the watches were delivered.

Reuniting with daughterEdit

Mr.Paik had to travel to Honolulu where his daughter together with 5 other survivors from Oceanic 815 were transferred to by the U.S. Coast Guard. It was there that they learnt about their daughter's husband Jin Kwon, that he never made off the plane.

Later his company was experiencing some business problems, and he was surprised to learn that it was his own daughter, who bought the controlling interest in Paik Industries. He now had to respect his daughter.

Season 6Edit

In his afterlife , Mr. Paik hired Martin Keamy to abduct Jin for having a relationship with his daughter .