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Mr. Kwon
Mr Kwon
Name Mr. Kwon
Gender Male
Country Namhae, South Korea
Occupation Fisherman
Child Jin-Soo Kwon
Episode(s) ...In Translation, D.O.C.
Played By John Shin

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Mr. Kwon is the father of Jin-Soo Kwon and a fisherman in the village of Namhae, South Korea.

Kwon was visited by Jin's wife Sun in the hopes to learn more about Jin's mother, as she was being blackmailed out of $100,000 by who it later turned out, was in fact Jin's mother. As the two discussed the current wedding, conversation turned to the reason why Jin told Sun that Mr. Kwon was dead, and that it was to avoid the shame of where he came from. Mr. Kwon mirrored this action by telling Jin that his mother was dead, to do just the very same. Kwon explained that she left him with Jin after birth, and that he wasn't even sure that he was the father, but he was the only one that could take care of him, and that he raised him alone. Kwon tells Sun that she can never reveal that she met him or that his mother was still alive.

After being estranged from his son for many years, he was excited and emotional when he was visited by Jin and was apologized to for Jin being ashamed of him for the previous years. As the two reunite on the boat, Mr. Kwon is informed of his son’s wife Sun, and about her father who is also Jin’s corrupt employer. When he learned that the problems caused in his son’s marriage are the direct result of Jin's father-in-law’s actions; Mr. Kwon advises Jin to deliver Mr. Paik’s watches to his associates in Sydney and Los Angeles, and then escape to America and not return, in order to save his marriage.