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Mr. Kim
Mr Kim
Name Mr. Kim
Gender Male
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Seoul Gateway Hotel Manager
Episode(s) ...And Found
Played By Rain Chung

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Kim Kwan-Hak, known as Mr. Kim is the General Manager of the Seoul Gateway Hotel. When he interviews Jin-Soo Kwon for the position of doorman, the interview starts off rocky. Mr. Kim makes it known several times throughout the interview that he belongs to a higher society than Jin; first commenting on smelling fish on his when he learns he is from the village of Namhae, and later when he removes the tag from his tie. When Mr. Kim decides to hire Jin, his assistant presents Jin with his uniform and informs him that The Seoul Gateway is one of the finest hotels in Korea, and that he was not permitted to open the door for people like him.

After Mr. Kim witnesses Jin disobeying his orders by allowing a poor man and his child to enter the hotel to use the facilities, Mr. Kim informs Jin that the incident is his first warning. After Mr. Kim insults Jin and demands that he enter the hotel to remove the two, Jin hands Mr. Kim his hat and gloves and resigns his post at the Seoul Gateway Hotel.