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Mr. Jarrah
Name Mr. Jarrah
Gender Male
Country Tikrit, Iraq
Occupation Member of the Republican Guard
Family Son - Sayid Jarrah
Son - Omer Jarrah
Wife - Mrs. Jarrah
Daughter-in-law - Nadia Jazeem
Episode(s) He's Our You
Played By Sayed Bedreya

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Sayid's father was an Iraqi citizen, who at some point in his life had become a member of the Iraqi Republican Guard. He was also the father of Omer and Sayid Jarrah. The latter would follow his father's footsteps into service in the Iraqi military.

Some time during Sayid's childhood, his father attempted to teach Omer a lesson about responsibility and maturity by instructing the young boy to kill a chicken. Omer appeared reluctant to do so, which caused his father to speak his disappointment in his son. Sayid, hoping to spare his brother the horror of killing the live animal, took the chicken and quickly broke its neck. Impressed by his other son's initiative, the father praised Sayid while simultaneously scolding Omer. (He's Our You)

During the Gulf War, Sayid was captured by American forces, and coerced into interrogating his former commander, Tariq. The latter expressed his extreme distaste at the fact that Sayid was now working for the enemy, and stated that Sayid's father, a great war hero, would be terribly disappointed in his son if he were to see his actions now. (One of Them)

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