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A commonly recurring theme in Season 6 is the appearance of mirrors, especially during alternate timeline sequences, and the central character hypnotically gazing into the mirror. It is unknown if the mirrors are significant beyond their symbolic nature.

Mirror Gazing EventsEdit

  • On Oceanic Flight 815, Jack pauses at a mirror to examine a cut on his neck. ("LA X").
  • In a gas station bathroom, Kate gazes into a mirror. ("What Kate Does")
  • John Locke gazes into a mirror during his morning routine. ("The Substitute")
  • As Jack freshens up after work, he notices his appendectomy scar in the mirror ("Lighthouse")
  • Photographs of Jack and his son David are attached to a mirror. ("Lighthouse")
    • Mirrors are significant in the original timeline within the "Lighthouse" episode as well.
  • Sayid gazes at his reflection in the window within the front door of his brother's home. ("Sundown")
  • Ben stares at his reflection in the front door of a microwave oven. ("Dr. Linus")
  • James angrily studies his reflection in a mirror before punching it after an argument with Miles. ("Recon")
  • Sun inspects herself in mirror before answering her hotel door. ("The Package")
  • Jin's reflection is shown in a restaurant dry storage room, although he does not see it himself ("The Package")
  • Desmond stares at his reflection in the Arrivals/Departures board at LAX. ("Happily Ever After")
  • Daniel Widmore's reflection is shown against Desmond's car window. ("Happily Ever After")
  • While preparing to operate on John Locke, Jack looks down at a mirror below Locke's face. ("The Last Recruit")
  • Jack and Claire both gaze into the mirror fitted into the door of a music box, which Christian bequeathed to Claire. ("The Candidate")


  • In the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo", Hugo does not gaze into a mirror. It is unknown at this time whether this lack is significant.
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