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Miles Straume
Name Miles Straume
Gender Male
Country Inglewood, California
Occupation Medium
Family Father - Pierre Chang
Mother - Lara Chang
Flashback(s) Confirmed Dead, Some Like It Hoth
Played By Ken Leung

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Miles Straume is a member of the Kahana search team. He was recruited by Matthew Abaddon to join a team along with Daniel, Frank and Charlotte, led by Naomi, to arrive at the island in search of Benjamin Linus.


After hearing about 815's wreckage on the radio, he enters the house of Mrs. Gardner in Inglewood, California, and calms the spirit of her murdered grandson by talking to him, also apparently convincing the ghost to show him the location of a hidden stash of money and drugs. Miles takes the money but leaves the drugs, and refunded Mrs. Gardner some of the money she had given him, stating it wasn't as hard as he thought it would have been. (Confirmed Dead)

On-Island Life

Season Four (Days 91-100)

Jack, Kate, and Daniel follow the signal to find Miles. Jack walks up to him to see if he is alive, and is greeted with a gun to his head. Kate tries to snag the gun from Daniel, but Miles yells at her to back away. Mile asks where Naomi is, and that he knows they killed her. Miles tells Daniel that Naomi used the code. "Tell my sister I love her," means that there is a gun to her head. Miles is still suspicious and asks to be taken to Naomi's body. Kate says that she was killed, but not by them. She then goes on to say that there would be nothing Miles could do to tell what happened to her, and he disagrees. Still with his gun pointed at them, he yet again yells to be taken to Naomi's body.

Miles inspects Naomi's dead body. Daniel says strange things about the light in the jungle. Kate tells Daniel to put away the gun, but he replies that Miles would kill him. Jack looks around, tells Kate to leave him alone, and winks at her. Miles gets up and declares that Naomi died the way Kate said. He gets a signal from a teammate and is about to leave. Jack tells him to stop and that his friends are in the jungle pointing guns at Daniel and Miles. When Miles refuses to believe this, gunshots ring out from Juliet and Sayid and they surrender.

Jack, Kate, Miles, Sayid, Juliet and Daniel find Frank knocked out. He awakens and tells them that lightning struck the helicopter. He then shows them the chopper safely on the ground.

Sayid says that the helicopter is intact and perfectly fine. Miles gets the phone from Jack, and calls. He talks to Regina, asking to talk to Minkowski, but is told he is unavailable. Juliet tends to Frank's wounds. Frank asks what Juliet's name is, and he tells Miles that she is a native. Miles declares that they are here for Benjamin Linus and asks where he is. (Confirmed Dead)

Later, Miles joins Sayid and Kate in an expedition to rescue Charlotte from Locke's group. Locke captures all three, then Sayid negotiates a trade with Locke. Locke sends Charlotte off with Sayid, keeping Miles as a hostage. (The Economist)

Miles is kept in custody in a boathouse near the Barracks. When Kate comes to find out information about herself, he demands to meet with Ben first. Kate cons Sawyer into distracting Locke. Breaking Miles out, she takes him to the cell where Ben is kept and gives Miles one minute to say what he needs. Miles tells Ben that he will lie to his people and tell them that Ben is dead if Ben gives him 3.2 million dollars within a week, and 'take care' of Charlotte, who knows Ben is alive. Kate then drags Miles out of the room and forces him to divulge everything he knows about her. They are then caught by Locke and Miles is taken back to boathouse.

Locke visits Miles the next day and shoves an armed grenade into Miles' mouth. As long as Miles keeps his mouth clamped onto the grenade's trigger, it will not explode. Locke then leaves him alone in the boathouse, telling him to "enjoy his breakfast".

After Lost

After leaving the island Miles uses Nikki and Paulo's diamonds to become rich. He remains close friends with Sawyer.(Eggtown)

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