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Mikhail Bakunin
Mikhail Bakunin
Name Mikhail Bakunin
Gender Male
Country Kiev, Soviet Union
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) The Cost of Living, Enter 77, Par Avion, One of Us, D.O.C., The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass
Played By Andrew Divoff

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Mikhail Bakunin was a member of the mysterious group known as "the Others" stationed in the DHARMA Initiative's Flame Station in order to maintain communication with the outside world.

Pre-Island LifeEdit

Mikhail Bakunin claimed to have been a Soviet Army soldier and field medic and that he fought in Afghanistan during the Cold War. He was stationed at a Vladivostok listening post, and after the Cold War, he was dismissed from the military. He stated that after doing so much wrong, he wanted to do something good, and replied to a newspaper advertisement which asked "would you like to save the world?"; the ad was for the DHARMA Initiative. However, it is unknown how much of his history that he gave was a lie.

On-Island LifeEdit

Mikhail presented Ben with medical records pertaining to Juliet's sister, Rachel, about her cancer which had returned during her pregnancy.

The Flame Station where Mikhail resides seems to have cameras all over the globe. (as indicated in the episode One of Us) Right after the crash, Ben shows Juliet a monitor with her sister and her son playing with each other. Also, when Ben asks for a detailed report on the survivors, Mikhail states he 'is already on it'. This also seems to prove that he is the reason The Others know so much about the survivors.

When Sayid, Locke, Kate and Rousseau finally find him living in the Flame station with his cat, Nadia, he claims to be the last surviving member of the DHARMA Initiative. He goes on to tell them that the DHARMA scientists attempted to "purge" the "Hostiles" (this was earlier established as term the DHARMA Initiative used for the Others). As the story went, when the Others retaliated, he was spared due to his refusal to participate in the fighting. However, he later confesses that he was lying, and is in fact one of the Others (although he maintains that the story of the "purge" was true). At her request, he shoots and kills Bea Klugh to prevent Sayid from using her to trade for Jack, and seems ready to shoot himself. In "Par Avion", Mikhail, Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau find the sonar defense system that protects the Barracks. In order to test its true purpose, Locke pushes Mikhail through the barrier, causing him to foam at the mouth and bleed from the ears, apparently dying from a brain hemorrhage. His last words are "Thank you."

However, Bakunin reappeared in the episode "D.O.C.", very much alive. He appeared in the jungle at the landing site of the female parachutist who had landed in the jungle. When Bakunin happens upon the site, where Hurley, Charlie, Desmond and Jin have already discovered the woman, he immediately bolts, but is chased and captured. He agrees to inspect and treat the woman's injuries, but only if he is then allowed to go free. They agree, and Bakunin, with Desmond's help, evacuates the woman's punctured lung, and when he is done tells them that she will be better in a day or so. When Charlie expresses skepticism at such an optimistic prognosis for such a serious injury, Bakunin cryptically points out that injuries are different on the island. He leaves, but Jin chases him down again when he realizes Bakunin absconded with the satellite phone. After reacquiring the phone, Desmond says Mikhail is allowed to go, despite Charlie's protests that they should kill him. Mikhail taunts Charlie, saying "I already died once this week", to which Charlie threatens to take out his other eye. Desmond makes good on his word to let him leave, however, and Mikhail then disappears into the jungle once more.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Mikhail runs from the jungle, explaining his "death" by saying the sonic death fence was not set to a lethal level. He tells the rest of the Others of Naomi, and that the Oceanic 815'ers probably took the survivor back to their camp. Ben then says that they will deal with the survivors the night after tomorrow, and that in the meantime, at Locke's request, Ben will take Locke to see Jacob. Mikhail questions his orders and insists that they deal with the situation with the survivors immediately, and in response Locke beats Mikhail to the ground. Ben asks the Others to help Mikhail, but they refuse.

Mikhail is sent by Ben to reinforce Greta and Bonnie at the Looking Glass Station in "Through the Looking Glass". Ben had told Mikhail that the Looking Glass Station was inoperable, and Mikhail is upset to see that Ben lied. But Ben said he had a good reason for lying, and asks Mikhail to trust him, since Mikhail has always been "a loyalist." At Ben's request, Mikhail attempts to kill Charlie and Greta and Bonnie, but Desmond surprises him and shoots him with a spear gun in the chest. Desmond and Charlie focus on shutting off the jamming signal, and while they do that Mikhail escapes down the moon pool, apparently having survived being shot with the spear gun. Mikhail appears outside the window of the communication room, which he destroys with a hand grenade that he is holding, causing the room to flood. Mikhail died as a result of this.


In his afterlife, Mikhail was a linguist, speaking nine languages. Martin Keamy used him as a translator to communicate with Jin and Sun in Korean. Mikhail took Sun to the bank while Martin tied up Jin in a restaurant. Mikhail returns to the kitchen to find Keamy injured and Jin in possession of a gun. The situation escalates when Mikhail makes a move on Jin resulting in him getting He shot in his right eyeball, leaving him a cyclops in both worlds.

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