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Mike Walton
Mike Walton
Name Mike Walton
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Police Officer
Episode(s) Collision, The Beginning of the End
Played By Michael Cudlitz

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Mike Walton was a police officer for the LAPD, and was the partner of Officer Ana Lucia Cortez. When they responded to a burglary call, Mike went to the back of the building, while Ana went to the front. While dealing with someone claiming to be a student, Ana-Lucia was shot four times and would not return to the force for four months.

When Ana returned as Mike’s partner, he commented about Ana’s break-up with Danny and offers to pay him an unfriendly visit, to which Ana cheerfully denies. He was ordered by Captain Cortez to bring Ana-Lucia to the safe neighbourhood of Westwood so as not to overwhelm her on her first day back. When responding to a domestic disturbance call, Ana draws her gun on a man holding a television who posed no real immediate threat; Mike screamed at Ana-Lucia several times to holster he weapon, the two would not speak until they returned to the station. (Collision)

Years later, Mike rose through the ranks and became an LAPD detective. Mike interrogated Hurley after he went on a high speed car chase with the police. Mike revealed to Hurley that Ana-Lucia was previously his partner, and that she was aboard Flight 815 with him. Hurley denies ever having met Ana-Lucia, and counters Mike's claim that he is a celebrity, despite screaming that he was one of the "Oceanic Six". After leaving the room, Mike quickly returned after Hurley began screaming for help, believing the room was filling with water. Mike quickly arrives and states that he can arrange to have Hurley committed to a mental institution, to which Hurley gladly accepts. (The Beginning of the End)

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