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Name Michelle
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Oceanic Airline Flight Attendant
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Pilot - Part 2, Exodus - Part 2
Played By Michelle Arthur

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Michelle was a flight attendant who was employed by Oceanic Airlines and was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 flying from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California. Before the flight, Michelle along with a fellow flight attendant JD assisted Locke on to the plane when the special wheelchair for loading the disabled passengers went missing.

During the flight, Michelle was serving drinks to the passengers, two of which were Marshal Edward Mars and fugitive Kate Austen. When she questioned the Marshal as to what he’d like, she became annoyed with his response of coffee. It is most likely that Michelle was killed in the crash as her body is never shown, and no mention of her is ever made on the island.