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Michael Dawson
Name Michael Dawson
Gender Male
Country New York, NY, USA
Occupation Artist
Family Father - Walter Dawson
Mother - Mrs. Dawson
Son - Walt Lloyd
Ex-Girlfriend - Susan Lloyd-Porter
Flashback(s) Special, Adrift, Three Minutes, Meet Kevin Johnson
Played By Harold Perrineau

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Michael was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after he had traveled to Sydney, Australia to pick up his son, who was not legally under his care. Michael was previously an artist, but a car accident sidetracked his talent, and Michael worked in construction for 8 years.

Life Before Flight 815

Michael was an artist living in New York, NY at the time his son, Walt Lloyd was born. Michael was living with his girlfriend Susan Lloyd at the time, and was excited to be a father. Michael placed his life as an artist on hold to work construction to support Susan and Walt. When their relationship began to get a little rocky Susan accepted a job at a law firm in Amsterdam, taking Walt along with her. As Michael attempted to still be an active part of Walt’s life, he would often call Susan in Amsterdam and attempt to speak to Walt. It was during one of these calls that Michael realized Susan had been dating her boss, Brian Porter. Outraged, Michael stated that he would be coming to Amsterdam to retrieve his son. Just as he crossed the street, Michael was hit by a car and broke his leg.

As he recovered in the hospital, he continued to keep in contact with his son by sending him letters. When he was visited by his ex-girlfriend in the hospital, Susan informed his that she was covering all his medical expenses and that she and Brian were soon to be married and Brian was going to adopt Walt. (Special)

When Susan requested that Michael relinquish his paternal rights, Michael found an attorney and attempted to gain custody of Walt. When it seemed as though Michael would win the case, Susan pleaded with Michael to let Walt go as she would be able to provide a great life for him. When Michael saw his son for the last time and said goodbye to a shy Walt, he presented him with a stuffed polar bear. (Adrift)

After Susan passed away, Michael was visited by Brian Porter at his New York apartment and was informed of the news. When Brian told Michael that Susan wanted him to have custody of Walt, it was later revealed that Brain didn’t want the responsibility as he was unaware of how to be a father. When Michael traveled to Sydney to visit his son for the first time in years, he reintroduced himself to Walt as his father, and informed Walt that he was his legal guardian and would be bringing him back to New York with him. He then informed him he would be able to bring Brian’s dog Vincent with him. (Special)

While at the Sydney airport, Michael was ignored by his son. He placed a call to his mother to see if she would consider taking Walt, but was refused, Michael informed her that it wasn’t part of the plan for Walt to be his. Michael hung up the phone and noticed that Walt had heard everything he’d just said. The two would later board Oceanic Flight 815 together. (Exodus - Part 2)

On-Island Life

Season One (Days 1-44)

Because of his inexperience as a father, Michael is sometimes overly strict and protective of Walt, which leads to some difficulties in their developing relationship. For a time, Walt looks to John Locke as a father figure, and this leads to several confrontations between the two, with Michael forbidding Walt to approach Locke. This situation changes after Locke is instrumental in helping Michael save Walt from an attacking polar bear. (Special)

It is also Michael's idea to begin the building of the raft, though his initial motivation is primarily to save his son. Michael is the first person to know that Sun can speak English. His association with Sun causes numerous conflicts between him and Sun's husband, Jin. This conflict reaches a head when the first raft Michael builds is burned. Michael at first blames Jin, but after their confrontation, in which Sun reveals to the other survivors that she can speak English, Michael and Jin begin working together to build a new raft. (...In Translation)

Michael and Jin overcome their earlier animosity to achieve a kind of friendship while working together, even becoming comfortable enough with each other to learn to accurately interpret each other's speech despite the language barrier. Their close working conditions prove problematic, however, when on the day before the second raft is to be launched, Michael becomes ill, from an apparent poisoning, and blame falls upon numerous people. Eventually, Jack figures out that it was Sun who had spiked Jin's water, which Michael accidentally drank. (Born to Run)

After the launch of the raft, Michael, Jin, Sawyer, and Walt find themselves confronted by The Others, who have come to abduct Walt. The Others take Walt by force and blow up the raft, leaving Michael stranded, floating on raft debris with Sawyer. (Exodus - Part 2)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

The ocean currents bring the pair back to the island, whereupon they find Jin shortly before being attacked by a small group of people. Michael, Jin, and Sawyer are put in a pit that the tail-section survivors originally created for Nathan. (Orientation) These captors eventually reveal that they are survivors of the tail section of the plane, and decide to travel across the island to join up with Michael's group. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

However, upon learning from Libby that the Others are nearby, Michael abandons the group and heads off into the jungle to search for Walt. It is only after being chased down by Jin and Mr. Eko that Michael decides to hold off his search. (...And Found)

Upon being reunited with the mid-section survivors, Michael learns about the Hatch and the need to input the Numbers into the computer. He raises questions about the Hatch, related to its blast doors, which it seems at least Locke has noticed before, but the purpose for which is unknown, and a computer with no other use than punching in numbers. However, while Eko and Locke are discovering the part of the Orientation film that warns not to use the computer for communication, Michael notices a "Hello?" on the computer's screen. He types in that he is Michael, to which the screen responds "Dad?". (What Kate Did) After seeing this, Michael volunteers for an extra shift in the hatch, hoping to get a chance again since he assumes that he has been communicating with Walt. The communication happens again; this time the screen asks if Michael is alone, and then tells Michael he must come for him because "they are coming back soon". (The 23rd Psalm)

Michael knocks out Locke, traps him and Jack in the armoury, and sets out to find the Others. Locke, Jack and Sawyer hear seven gunshots as they track him, and find three shells from Michael's gun. They then encounter Tom, the so-called "leader" of the Others, who says that Michael will never find them. (The Hunting Party)

when Jack and Kate enter the territory of the Others in order to propose a trade, Michael runs out of the brush, ragged and in a terrible state, then collapses unconscious at their feet. (S.O.S.)

After being dragged unconscious from the trading point, Michael wakes in the hatch to retell Kate, Jack and Locke about The Others. He mentions their ruthlessness and scraggly, bare-footed appearance. He says they keep the captured survivors in what appears to be another 'hatch'. While Jack, Locke and Kate go off to trade for Sawyers' guns, Michael is kept under Ana-Lucia's guard. Discussion leads to the fact that "Henry Gale", an Other who's real name later was revealed to be Benjamin Linus, is locked in the next room, and after Ana-Lucia says she couldn't kill him, Michael offers to do so. He takes the gun, asks for the combination to the room, says "I'm sorry" and shoots her. Libby stumbles upon the scene, and Michael, out of reflex, shoots her twice. After unlocking the room for "Henry", he then takes the gun and shoots himself in the arm. (Two for the Road)

Michael told Jack that "Henry" had shot him and that he thought that Ana-Lucia and Libby were dead. They later found out that she wasn't dead but in a critical condition, leaving Michael afraid that Libby would reveal what really happened. Michael kept asking Jack if she said anything, and at the end of the episode Libby says "Michael" before finally dying. (?)

Michael begins to feel tremendous guilt over the killings, even throwing up and asking Eko about Hell. However, he begins to enact the next phase of the plan: bringing only Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to the Others. It does not go smoothly: Sayid wants to go and Hurley does not. Michael convinces Sayid that he cannot come along, which he accepts, but makes him suspicious. Hurley becomes angry during Libby's funeral and decides to join Michael. (Three Minutes)

Michael leads Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer into the jungle. He realizes that they may suspect his plan when he discovers that Jack gave him a gun with no bullets. After Kate detects and kills an Other who was trailing them, Jack admits to everyone that he knew Michael was leading them into a trap. Michael soon confesses the truth about everything: the deaths, the release of "Henry" and trading them for Walt. It turns out Michael never has to lead them all the way to the camp: the Others ambush the party in the jungle, knocking everyone but Michael out.

The Others take them to a dock where the four are gagged and tied. "Henry", who turns out to be the most senior of this group of Others and named Ben, fulfills his end of the bargain and gives back Walt, along with a boat and coordinates to apparent rescue. Michael asks about the fate of everyone else (they will live with the Others) and who the Others actually are ("We're the good guys."). Michael leaves on the boat with Walt. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Off-Island Life

New York City (Days 68-91)

Michael makes it off of the Island and into New York City. Michael hands Walt over to his grandmother (who believed he died in the crash) once he tells his son that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Michael then writes a letter to Walt, attaches it to his collar and drives at high speed into a wall with the hope of killing himself. Michael sustains little to no injuries and has visions of Libby. He goes to visit Walt but his grandmother would not allow it. Michael then goes to a pawn shop and trades Jin's watch for a gun. He goes into an alleyway, and when he is about to kill himself, Tom walks up. He assaults him, but Tom finally pulls out a gun, which Michael tells Tom to use to kill him. Tom refuses since they need his help, and he says that the Island will not allow him to kill himself since he has work to do. He tells Michael to meet him in his penthouse once he decides to come around. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Michael goes back to his apartment to kill himself, but the gun jams on him. He then tries to shoot himself again, but a clip on the news comes up about Oceanic Flight 815 being found at the bottom of the Ocean. Confused, Michael goes to Tom's penthouse to find him in the company of another man. Once the man leaves, Tom tells him that Charles Widmore staged the crash, so that no one else would find the Island besides himself. He said that Charles will kill everyone on the Island if he isn't stopped. Tom gives Michael a passport with the new name of Kevin Johnson in order to infiltrate Widmore's freighter that is trying to find the Island. Michael accepts the offer in order to redeem himself. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Michael makes it to the freighter and gets a package with a bomb in it. He activates the bomb and discovers it was a fake. Michael later receives a call from Ben (who claimed to be Walt to Minkowski), and he tells him that he can't kill everyone since there are innocents on board that have no idea what Widmore's real intentions were (such as Frank Lapidus). He instructs Michael to get all the information he can on the crew, pass it on, then to sabotage the radio room and the boat engines. Ben tells Michael that he is now one of the good guys. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

On-Island Life

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

He appears as the janitor aboard the Kahana, the freighter anchored near the Island, under the name of Kevin Johnson. It is revealed that Michael is Ben's spy on the boat. (Ji Yeon) Sayid, in anger, betrays Michael to the freighter's captain, and Michael ends up chained in his cabin. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Later on, Martin Keamy tries to kill him, but the gun malfunctions. After that, Michael is ordered to repair the engines. (Cabin Fever) Michael, Jin and Desmond attempt to disarm a bomb planted by Keamy, to go off upon Keamy's death. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 1)

Michael attempts to slow the bomb's detonation with liquid nitrogen and Keamy is eventually killed by Ben Linus. Michael tells Jin to leave, as he is almost out of nitrogen, and because he is a father now and needs to be there for his family, showing that Michael understands the meaning of fatherhood that escaped him with Walt all his life. Shortly after Jin leaves, his supply of nitrogen runs out and he hears whispers. Christian Shephard then appears to him and tells him "You can go now, Michael". The bomb goes off, and Michael is killed in the explosion. ([[There's No Place Like Home - Part 3 |There's No Place Like Home - Part 3 ]])

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