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Melissa Dunbrook
Melissa Dunbrook
Name Melissa Dunbrook
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation District Attorney
Episode(s) Eggtown
Played By Susan Gibney

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Melissa Dunbrook was a district attorney who represented the people of Los Angeles in the trial of Kate Austen. Melissa successfully argued her point for Kate to be remanded for the duration of the trial stating that she was a flight risk.

During the trial, Duncan brought in Jack as a character witness, and he was cross-examined by Melissa who asked Jack if he loved Kate, to which replied he longer did.

After Duncan arranged for Kate to speak with Melissa's chief witness, Diane Jansen, she was no longer willing to testify in the courtroom, causing Melissa to work out a sentence with Duncan during the court's recess. Initially, Melissa offered a sentence of four years jail time, but this was quickly refused by Duncan stating that the jury would never give her jail time due to her heroism after the crash of Flight 815, and her saving her mother from her abusive father. Melissa offered a sentence of ten years probation inside of California, which Duncan also refused, however, Kate agreed to the terms stating that she had a child, and that she wasn't going anywhere. (Eggtown)

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