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Meet Kevin Johnson
Meet Kevin Johnson
Season 4
Episode 8
Air Date March 20, 2008
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Brian K. Vaughan
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Michael Dawson

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Michael is confronted by Sayid and Desmond, who force him to reveal how he came to be on the freighter. Meanwhile, Locke explains to his fellow survivors why they are protecting Benjamin.


At his home in the Others' abandoned barracks, John Locke hosts a community meeting to explain to the members of his faction what he has learned about the freighter Kahana's mission, where Ben Linus confirms that Michael is his spy. After the meeting ends, Ben urges his daughter Alex to flee, for her own safety, to the Others' sanctuary at the "Temple." Alex's mother, Danielle Rousseau, agrees, and plans to accompany Alex and her boyfriend Karl on their journey.

Meanwhile, aboard the Kahana, Sayid Jarrah confronts Michael about his purpose on the freighter. The episode's narrative then shifts into an extended, uninterrupted flashback. After escaping from the island, Michael has returned to Manhattan and has become estranged from his son Walt after confessing that he murdered Libby and Ana Lucia. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Michael is confronted by Tom, the Other who abducted Walt; Tom explains that the Island will not allow Michael to kill himself. Tom gives Michael a forged passport, identifying him as "Kevin Johnson," and an assignment: he is told to infiltrate the Kahana, owned by entrepreneur Charles Widmore (who, according to Tom, faked the Oceanic 815 wreckage that was found in the Sunda Trench), and kill everyone on board. When Michael attempts to detonate the bomb his new employers provide for this purpose, it turns out to be a fake. Ben contacts Michael by radio and explains that the trick was intended to illustrate that the Others do not want Michael to kill any more innocent people the way he killed Libby and Ana Lucia. The flashback ends, and Sayid, appalled that Michael is working for Ben, exposes Michael's duplicity (and true identity) to Gault, the captain of the Kahana.

The episode's final scene returns to Rousseau, Alex and Karl. On their way to the Temple, Karl and Rousseau are shot by hidden assailants. Desperate to avoid being shot herself, Alex calls out that she is Ben's daughter.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I don't make it to the mainland often, so when I do, I like to indulge myself."

- Tom

Background InformationEdit

  • Michael previously spoke to his mother in Exodus - Part 2 while at the airport. Michael asked if she would take care of Walt, however, she declined his request.

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