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Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed
Name Matthew Reed
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Psychiatrist
Episode(s) Collision
Played By Rick Overton

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Matthew Reed is a psychiatrist working for the LAPD who lived in Los Angeles, CA. Matthew was assigned as the therapist of Officer Ana-Lucia Cortez after she was involved in a shooting that led to the termination of her pregnancy. Matthew met with Ana for four months of session, and along the way they would discuss things ranging from her everyday life, to her personal life including her relationship with a man named Danny.

When Captain Cortez provided him with the responsibility of deciding when Ana-Lucia was able to return to the force, he arranged a session at the shooting range for her to see how it felt for her to hold a gun again. When he asked Ana if she thought she was ready, he provided her with her badge back, and welcomed her back to the force.