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Maternity Leave
Season 2
Episode 15
Air Date March 1, 2006
Writer(s) Dawn Lambertsen Kelly
Matt Ragghianti
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Claire Littleton

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Aaron becomes sick and Claire desperately searches for a cure. Her questions lead her deep into the jungle with Rousseau and Kate where they discover the place where Ethan took her.


When Rousseau shows up at camp and tells Claire that her baby could be 'infected', Claire sets out on a journey to find the answer to this question. Armed with memory "flashes" triggered first by Rousseau's presence and then through Libby's relaxation exercises, Claire remembers that she was in fact being held somewhere on the island and given vaccine for the baby. Convinced that the only way to cure Aaron is to find the vaccine, she enlists the help of Rousseau and Kate to find this mysterious place where she was kept by the Others.

Meanwhile, Jack and Locke continue to try and keep "Henry" a secret from the camp, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. When Mr. Eko ventures down into the hatch to borrow some tools, he figures out that they are keeping a man inside the armory and tells Jack he wants to speak with the prisoner. While "Henry" maintains that he is not an Other, Eko treats him as such and confesses to killing two of his friends.

Jack and Locke continue to butt heads about how to handle the situation, further straining the power balance between them. And when "Henry" uses this information to try and get inside Locke's head, John Locke's composure snaps for the first time, giving way to his complete frustration at being trapped by his responsibilities to the hatch.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I need to find that place!"

- Claire

"I hope your baby's not infected, but if it is, I hope you know what must be done."

- Danielle

Background InformationEdit

  • The Oceanic logo appears on the planes on the mobile in Claire's baby room.
  • The song that the mobile plays is Perry Como's "Catch A Falling Star", which is the same song that Claire requested Arlene and Joseph Stewart sing to her baby when she was planning to give her child up for adoption.
  • The man Ethan talks to in Claire's flashback is Mr. Friendly without the beard. Kate later finds a locker full of the clothes which Friendly had previously been seen wearing, as well as a fake beard in addition to some theatrical glue.

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