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Master Arlen
Name Master Arlen
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Unknown
Mother Mrs. Arlen
Episode(s) Through the Looking Glass
Played By Unknown

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While being driven by his mother, she noticed a man on the side of the Sixth Street Bridge ready to jump, she was distracted and lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the median. The car rolled over and was hit by the van behind her, igniting the car in flames. The man who was going to jump over the railing was Dr. Jack Shephard, and he was the one who rushed to the vehicle to save the two of them.

Jack passed Arlen's son in the waiting room and waved to him as the news report about Jack's heroism played on the television. Mrs. Arlen later recounted the events leading up to the crash, and revealed Jack to be a fraud.