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Martin Christopher Keamy
Name Martin Christopher Keamy
Gender Male
Country Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Occupation Mercenary aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) The Constant, Meet Kevin Johnson, The Shape of Things to Come, Something Nice Back Home, Cabin Fever
Played By Kevin Durand

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Season 4 (Days 93-Present)Edit

Martin Keamy is a crew member aboard the Kahana and an employee of Charles Widmore. He was a former First Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He served with distinction from 1996 to 2001 but since than he worked as a mercenary specifically in Uganda. (The Shape of Things to Come)

While aboard the Kahana, Keamy and other crew members engaged in shooting practice by launching discs over the side of the ship, which Keamy would proceed to shoot with a sub machinegun. When Michael inquired what he was doing, Keamy bluntly stated that they were "shooting things". When Michael stated that he thought they were going on a rescue mission, the crew chuckled, and Keamy inquired as to whether he had anything to mop up. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

When Frank returned with Desmond and Sayid, he assisted Omar in escorting Desmond to the sick bay to join Minkowski, who was experiencing a similar symptom. After Ray sounded the alarm, Omar and Keamy return to see Desmond on the satellite phone with Daniel. Keamy and Omar took Frank to see the captain of the ship, and locked Desmond, Sayid and George in the room. (The Constant)

Frank brings Keamy along with heavily armed mercenaries on the chopper to the island. After arriving, they murder Karl and Danielle, and capture Alex as a hostage. Keamy and his mercenaries open fire on the Barracks and manage to kill Doug, Jerome, as well as another unnamed survivor. Keamy and his crew discover the location of Miles and send him to Ben's house to provide them with a walkie-talkie to negotiate. Keamy states that Ben is to exit the house and surrender, and after he has him in his custody, he promises that everyone else in the house will be set free. However, Ben having knowledge of Keamy's past, calls his bluff and refuses to exit. Keamy then presents Ben with his daughter, Alex, as his hostage. Benjamin refuses to negotiate stating that Alex isn't really his daughter, and that she is a pawn, meaning nothing to him. After hearing this, Keamy coldly murders Alex by shooting her in the head. Benjamin then retaliates by triggering an attack by the "The Monster". (The Shape of Things to Come)

Keamy caught up with Frank and asked where the chopper was. As the team prepared to leave, Keamy heard a noise in the jungle, which unbeknownst to him, was Aaron. Frank, aware of this, stated that they needed to hurry as he wasn't going to fly the bearings back to the ship at night. (Something Nice Back Home)

On arrival back on the Kahana, Keamy confronted Sayid demanding to know how many people were on the island and where they all were. He then jammed a gun under Gault's neck asking why he gave him up to Ben. When Gault informs him it wasn't him but Michael, Keamy demanded to know if Michael knew his name and whether he gave it to Ben. When Michael confirms he did, he attempts to shoot him in the head only for his gun to jam. keamy then went back to the island to the orchid station. Ben gives himself up. The mercenaries are ambushed and are all killed except for keamy. Ben then ambushes him. Stabbing him to death. Leading to the destruction of the Kahana.

Season 6Edit

In the flash-sideways, Keamy is a gangster and loan shark. He has his men hospitalize Sayid's brother, who owes him a large sum of money, and Nadia (who is married to Sayid's brother) asks Sayid to look after the children and not do anything in retaliation. Sayid confesses that he loves Nadia but feels he does not deserve to be with her due to his dark past, and shortly after he is forcibly escorted to meet Keamy in a kitchen and threatened to continue paying his brother's debt. Sayid takes a gun from his captor, kills both goons, and then shoots Keamy in the chest after claiming not to be able to "let it go". Afterward, Sayid hears muffled noises coming from the freezer, where he finds a bound and gagged Jin, who speaks no English and was abducted by Keamy as he was ordered to do so by Mr Paik for being involved with Sun.

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