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Man of Science, Man of Faith
Season 2
Episode 1
Air Date September 21, 2005
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Jack Shephard

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After the hatch is blown, Kate and Locke venture inward. More of Jack's past is revealed, and he makes a tough decision to enter the hatch.


The episode starts with the usual eye theme opening of the show. But the difference was, the eyes belongs to a stranger. The man (stranger) is roused from sleep by his alarm. He jumps out of bed, types briefly on a computer and presses the "execute" button. He puts on a record (Mama Cass) and cleans up last night's dishes. He does his workout, takes a shower, makes a protein shake and gives himself am injection of…well, something. And then - BOOM! We hear the explosion and follow the man's frantic reaction into a gun locker where he loads up with pistols and a rifle and then goes to a primitive type of periscope he uses to discover the cause of this emergency. There, at the top of a very deep shaft, are Locke and Jack - who've just blown the hatch.

Seeing the depth of the shaft, Jack tells them that they're returning at the camp, leaving the exploration of the hatch for another time. After all, the reason they blew it open was to hide everyone inside and that's not going to be possible. They continued arguing for a few minutes until finally, Locke argees with him. but as just turns around, Locke asks, "Why don't you want to go down there, Jack?". Then Jack turns around once more and then we----- FLASHBACK, we see Jack in full hero mode as he works on a patient brought to his emergency room after a terrible car crash. Her name is Sarah and she tells Jack one thing before she passes out. He has to fix her because she MUST dance at her wedding in a few months. And we see the very moment that Jack met the woman who will eventually become his wife. Another patient, middle-aged man brought to the ER from the same accident dies at 8:15.

Meanwhile, Shannon is frantic after losing Walt's dog Vincent. Sayid tries to convince her not to go out into the jungle looking for him tonight, but she will not be swayed. Finally, someone has trusted her enough to ask her to care for what they loved most and she's lost it. Not acceptable! So together they venture out into the dark and Shannon has an eerie encounter with Walt himself. He can't really be there, can he? He's out on the raft! But there he is, dripping wet and looking terrified. Before Sayid joins her, Walt disappears and she is left to wonder if she ever really saw him at all.

The Hatch team splits into two group, Hurley and Jack then Kate and Locke, slowly makes their way back into the camp. Kate and Locke discussed more about the Hatch and wanting to go down there. Locke talks about the "black smoke" that pulls him down into a tunnel going underground not 5 hours ago. They agreed that they both see it and Locke replied, "Then we're both crazy". Meanwhile, Jack curiously asked Hurley what's The Numbers means to him and why does he thinks its bad. Hurley hesistates because Jack might think he's crazy but Jack urges him more. After a little more encouragement, Hurley stared talking about his past and about Leonard, his friend in the psych ward. Going so far as telling Jack that he won the lottery and about the curses, especially the hatch. Jack looks at him and asks, "You were in a Psych ward?". Hurley answered by saying, "I'm not crazy". Jack casually says that they're [only] numbers. Hurley is disappointed by Jack response and tells Jack before walking away, "Yours sucks Dude" when referring to his bedside manner.

FLASHBACK, we saw Jack checking up his patient, Sarah, who wakes up and asks about the man she hit. Jack presented the news that the man died in the ER. She says that she doesn't feel anything.To add more bad news to her, he tells her that her back is broken and her spleen is ruptured and must go under surgery to stop the bleeding. Hidden to his knowledge, his dad is watching him while he says that retaining feeling or mobility is extremely likely, distraughting her more. Then his dad, Dr. Shephard, knocks on the door, asking if he can have a word. They walks in the hallway and the first question Jacks asked was, "So, what I did wrong?". His dad, told him that Jack sometimes must give some hope however the case is bad.

Shannon is starting to freak out about what she saw when The Hatch team shows up. Upon his return, Jack even manages to calm the rest of the survivors down and convince them that, regardless of what they may have heard, they will ALL survive to see the next day, as long as they all stick together. But Locke can't wait any longer and openly defies Jack's orders by returning to the hatch that night. And just as Jack thinks that one person defying him was bad enough, Kate decides that she's going out there too.

FLASHBACK, Jack meets Sarah's fiancé and then he tells him that it's supposed to be her fitting day for her gown. Then we were brougth at the ER where Sarah was lying down and they were about to start the operation.

Back at the island, Locke and Kate starts their plan on going down the hatch. Kate goes down and when the ladder gives out, Kate starts dropping but Locke is fast enough to grab the rope tight. Then Kate saw a light, shouting "Stop" when it goes out. As she was telling Locke what's happening, a light suddenly turns up coming from below the hatch and somebody starts pulling Kate down, leaving Locke with bloody hands for holding on to the rope. Back on the island, Jack decides to follow Locke and Kate down the hatch. Jack arrives and found no one, shouting down to the hatch. Not noticing it, he starts climbing down the rope full of blood.

FLASHBACK, While Jack takes a late-night run, trying to accept that even his skills have their limits, he meets a man as driven as he is. Turns out "Desmond" was going to be a doctor, too, but gave it up for something else - everything else. Desmond realized there was more to life than what you could learn in medical school - and he tells Jack that sometimes miracles can happen if you just believe. Jack thinks him a total crackpot.

As Jacks makes his way through the bizarre surroundings of the hatch, that same Mama Cass song starts up again and Jack suddenly finds himself in the middle of a stand-off.

FLASHBACK, Jack was sitting down at the hospital when the unconscious Sarah wakes up from the surgery. Jack, with tears in his eyes, tells her that she will be paralyzed from her middle body down to her feet for the rest of her life. But Sarah looks at him in disbelief, asking if that were really true, why would she be able to move her toes? She shows him how she has feeling in her legs, showing that there's a big chance she will be able to walk again and making him reconsider Desmond, who he thought was a crackpot.

When the man holding a gun to Locke's head steps further into the light Jack gets the shock of his life. That guy threatening to blow Locke's head off? It's Desmond.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. 4, 8, We're Dead, 15, Doomed and Dead, 16, 23."

- Hurley

"See you in another life, yeah?"

- Desmond

"Great idea, let's look into the burning death hole"

- Hurley

Background InformationEdit

  • As part of a recurring theme, "815" is heard as the time of death for Adam Rutherford, 8:15am.
  • Walt says "Don't press the button. The button's bad." backwards.

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