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MacCutcheon Whisky
MacCutcheon Whisky
Name MacCutcheon Whisky
Introduced In Flashes Before Your Eyes
Last Seen In He's Our You
Owned By Charles Widmore
An Unknown Flight 815 Survivor
Anthony Cooper
Found By James "Sawyer" Ford
Charlie Pace
Purchased By Desmond Hume
Sayid Jarrah

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Named for Anderson MacCutcheon who was an admiral in the Royal Navy who retired with more medals than anyone before or after his time. This whisky was his crowning achievement.

When Desmond went to interview with Charles Widmore for a position with his company, Desmond later reveals that he didn't come for a job, but rather to ask for Penny's hand in marriage. Charles then walks over to a bottle of MacCutcheon Whisky and pours a small amount into one glass, and leaves the other one empty. Widmore explains that one swallow is worth more than Desmond could make in a month, and that Desmond is not worthy of drinking his whisky, and that he could never be worthy of his daughter.

Desmond heads to a local pub later that night, and when the bartender asks him what he would like to drink, he spots a bottle of MacCutcheon Whisky behind the bar.

Anthony Cooper and John Locke shared a glass of MacCutcheon Whisky, right before Anthony pushed Locke out of his eight story window.

Later on the island, a bottle of MacCutcheon Whisky turns up in Sawyer's stash and is found by Charlie and Hurley who plan to get Desmond drunk so that he will reveal his mysterious actions to them. At first, Desmond refuses the offer to drink until he sees that it is actually a bottle of MacCutcheon Whisky.

Shortly before coming back to the island after three years, and after Sun's confrontation with Ben, Sayid goes to a Los Angeles bar where he drinks some glasses of MacCutcheon whisky.


on the episode that Once Upon a Time - 01x06 - The Shepherd, the charles widmore is king, and the whiskey appering too.

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