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Season 2
Episode 17
Air Date March 29, 2006
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse
Damon Lindelof
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback John Locke

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The Hatch's blast doors come down on Locke's legs and he enlists "Henry Gale" to help him push the button. On the beach, Jack and Sawyer engage in a "friendly" game of poker.


In flashback, we find a happy, content home inspector -- John Locke—about to propose to Helen, when he learns that his father has died. But it turns out that Cooper is not really dead. He shows up and reveals to Locke that he faked his own death in order to hide from a couple of men he stole $700,000 from in a retirement con. He tells Locke that he's setting up a new identity, but that he's afraid he's being watched. He offers Locke a cut of the money if he will just go to the bank and withdraw it from a safety deposit box for him.

Though Locke refuses to be conned again, he is still swayed by a desire to win his father's love, so he goes through with it. In doing so, he comes face to face with his father's pursuers, who threaten Helen. But Locke lies for his father in order to protect him.

Locke brings the money to his father who waits at a local motel. But Locke refuses his cut. Though he can't bring himself to say it, he didn't do any of this for the money—he did it for his father's love. But in pursuing that love, he loses the love he already has—Helen.

Back on the island, Locke is trapped with "Henry" when the blast doors in the hatch suddenly come down for no apparent reason. While attempting to escape, Locke's legs are crushed underneath the doors and he must put his trust in "Henry" to push the button and go get help.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate discover a pallet of food on the island while Ana Lucia, Sayid & Charlie find the balloon. But when they dig up the gravesite of his supposed wife, they find that "Henry Gale" has been lying to them the whole time…

Memorable QuotesEdit

"What Happened??"

- "Henry Gale"

"When I need the guns, I'll get the guns."

- Jack to Sawyer

Background InformationEdit

  • The safe deposit box number that Locke gets access to is 1516 (two of the Numbers).
  • When Locke visits his father at the motel, two planes fly overhead both bearing the Oceanic Airlines logo.
  • In a recurring theme on the show, 815 appears on the real Henry Gale's drivers license. He lived at 815 Walnut Ridge Rd. in Wayzata, MN.
  • After Locke delivers the money to Anthony Cooper at the Flightline Motel, Anthony places the money into an Oceanic carry bag.
  • The real Henry Gale's ZIP Code is 55391. 5+5+3+9+1=23 (one of the Numbers).
  • A Widmore Labs sticker appears on Henry Gale's balloon.
  • Anthony Cooper's license plate number is 4TRI019, this same license plate number appears on a gold truck in Deus Ex Machina, in the parking lot of the department store where Locke worked. (This may also simply be a props department continuity error, as this license plate is also seen on the car that abducts Rob Schneider's character in the final scene of the movie "The Hot Chick.")
  • Nadia, Sayid's estranged lover, was the person Locke was helping when he was working as a house inspector.

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