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The following is a list of locations that have appeared on the island. Click on the corresponding links to learn more about the location, its history, and its role on LOST.

Land MassesEdit

The Main Island

The island is the central location for the majority of events that transpire after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and is home to the majority of locations visited by the crash survivors.

The Hydra Island

Opposite the island that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on is a separate island not unlike the real-life Alcatraz which houses the DHARMA Initiative's Hydra Station.

The Crash SitesEdit

The Front-Section Crash Site

The crash site of the Front Section of Oceanic Flight 815. Was discovered deep in the jungle, and the Pilot was found alive inside.

The Fuselage Crash Site

The crash site of the Mid-Section of Oceanic Flight 815 was located on the beach, and had 48 survivors of this section.

The Tail Section Crash Site

The Tail-Section of Oceanic Flight 815 landed in the water and the 23 survivors made camp on the beach they reached when they swam to shore.

The Beechcraft

The Beechcraft was a plane full of heroin that was flown out of Nigeria by Goldie and Yemi that crashed on the island and became lodged in the tree canopy. it was later discovered by Boone and Locke, and then burned by Eko and Charlie.

The Black Rock
The Black Rock

The Black Rock was a ship that had crashed onto the island around approximately 1881. It was found peculiarly in the middle of the jungle in the “Dark Territory”, with no sign or indication of how it arrived there.

The Balloon

Was a balloon found in the jungle by Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie after following a map drawn by Benjamin Linus while he was under the alias of Henry Gale.

Desmond's Crash Site

The location on the beach where Desmond washed ashore and was later rescued by Kelvin and brought to the Swan.

DHARMA Initiative StationsEdit

The Swan Station

Station 3 was originally constructed for The DHARMA Initiative as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from their specific sector of the island.

The Arrow Station

While traveling through the jungle, the Tail Section survivors discover a door hidden on the side of a hill, as they make their way inside, they discover that it is a storage facility of some sort.

Dharma Caduceus
The Staff Station

This station is where Claire was taken by Ethan, who drugged her and acted as her doctor. It has a surgical room where Claire was injected with medicine, supposedly to keep the baby free from infection. The Staff Station contained a nursery for the baby.

The Pearl Station
  • Introduced in ?

Station 5 or The Pearl is a base for monitoring, through hidden security cameras, of other DHARMA Initiative stations. It was discovered by Eko and Locke and the entrance was covered by the Beechcraft.

The Decoy Station

This station was a decoy station setup by the Others at their decoy camp. It was completely empty, and was only a small hole in the wall.

Flame Station exterior
The Flame Station

This station was shown on the map that was drawn on the blast doors. It is located roughly two days walk, at a compass bearing of 3.05 degrees, from the survivors' beach camp. It's purpose was to maintain communication with the outside world.

The Hydra
The Hydra Station

The Hydra station was a zoology station located above ground and apparently also underwater. It was later used for the imprisonment of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate.

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is the only known DHARMA station completely underwater. While the purpose of this station is still unknown, it is known that it is being used to block all radios on the island.

The Tempest
The Tempest Station

This station is a chemical plant that makes poison gas. Juliet fights with Daniel and Charlotte as they disarm it.

Lamp Post
  • Introduced in 316

The Lamp Post was designed to locate where and when the island would be located.

DHARMA LocationsEdit

The Beach Wire

The wire was found by Sayid while walking across the beach mapping the island, he followed it into the jungle, only to be ensnared by one of Rousseau's traps. Hurley, Sayid, Jack and Charlie later discovered that it went underground.

Radio Tower
The Radio Tower

The Radio Tower was erected on the island to broadcast the core numeric values of the Valenzetti Equation or "The Numbers". After arriving on the island, Rousseau changed the transmission and broadcast her own distress signal, which was never heard in the 16 years she was on the island.

The Hatch
The Hatch

The Hatch was an impenetrable door buried under the dirt which was discovered by Boone and Locke while searching for Claire deep in the jungle. It was later discovered to be an alternate entrance to the Swan Station.

The Question Mark
The ?
  • Introduced in ?

Eko climbs to the top of the cliff that Boone fell from and notices a target salted into the earth, and that underneath the plane, is the The Pearl Station.

Pearl Tube Depository

The Pearl Tube Depository was the location in the jungle where all of the Pearl Station's journal entries would arrive after traveling through the pneumatic tube.

Pala Ferry Dock

The Pala Ferry Dock was the location of Jack, Kate and Sawyer first real encounter with the Others after their capture. It was also the point of departure for Michael and Walt.

The Barracks

The Barracks are the home of The Others. Its appearance is in stark contrast to the rest of the island, as its residents live in relative comfort.

The Hydra Facility

This building was being guarded by Aldo, and was the holding place of Karl, as well as the building that housed Room 23 where he was held.

Room 23

Room 23 was where Karl was being held by the Others, he was forced to watch a video while under the influence of drugs which were administered by IV.

Sonic Barrier
The Sonar Fence

The Sonar Fence surrounds the Barracks and blocks any attempt to pass through them. If an individual makes an attempt to enter through the field a sonic wave is emitted which results in the individual suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

The Others' LocationsEdit

The Decoy Camp

Was the decoy camp used by the Others, and was the primary holding place of Michael during his capture. Thought to house a DHARMA station embedded into the rocks, Sayid discovered this was also part of the decoy.

The Quarry

The Quarry was a work place where the Others were building an air landing strip. Kate and Sawyer were put to work at this Quarry.

Alex's Hideout
Alex's Hideout

This was a makeshift hole made in the ground that Alex Rousseau had dugout. It aided Kate and Sawyer from escaping from Pickett, Ivan and Jason.

Jacob's House
Jacob's House

The house where Locke was brought to by Ben in order for him to meet Jacob. Jacob's house is located in the jungle, and appears to resemble a wood cabin.

Mass Grave

The Mass Grave was a large pit that was dug by the Hostiles to place the bodies of the deceased members of the DHARMA Initiative after the Purge.

The Temple
The Temple

The Temple is a large structure on the Island that is approximately a day and a half walk from the Dharma Barracks. The Temple is surrounded by a crumbling wall which defines the perimeter roughly a half-mile from the Temple itself.

Losties LocationsEdit

New Beach
The Beach Camp

The Beach Camp was the area that the Fuselage survivors of Flight 815 moved to when the tide shifted forcing them to move.

The Caves
The Caves

The caves served as a shelter and living location for the Fuselage survivors when some of them vacated the beach believing that rescue was not coming.

The Golf Course

The golf course was created by Hurley as a way for the Fuselage survivors to have fun and to relax.

Sun's Garden

Sun created her garden in the middle of the jungle as a way for there to be food for the group, and as an excuse to leave the camp for solitude.

The Gravesite

The Gravesite is a location on the beach where survivors who have passed away since the crash are buried.

Tailies Pit
The Pit

After living at their camp for 4 days, Ana-Lucia completed digging her pit and attacked Nathan, threw him inside, and informed her fellow survivors that he was not on the plane; this claim was backed up by Cindy who did not spot him on the plane.

Tailies Camp2
The Tail Section Jungle Camp

After walking for 3 days through the jungle, Nathan halted the expedition stating that where they were was a good location to set up camp as it was close to fresh water, fruit trees, and rock wall to sleep against.

The Church
The Church

When Eko took it upon himself to build a church, he marked off his favorite trees which he would use to construct it with. He enlisted the help of Charlie to assist him in its construction.

The Sweat Lodge

This was a device that Locke constructed in order to induce a hallucination or "vision from the island". He constructed it underneath the uncompleted church that Eko was building.

Eko's Grave
Eko's Grave

After Eko was attacked in the jungle by the Monster and killed; Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo buried him in the jungle near the Pearl Station.

Misc. Island LocationsEdit

Rousseaus Shelter
Rousseau's Shelter

After Danielle and her science team arrived on the island, they dug out a "temporary" shelter. After Danielle murdered her team after they had become infected, she used the shelter as a permanent shelter for 16 years.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall was discovered by Kate and Sawyer when the two heard the sound of running water while in the jungle and emerged in a clearing to find a lagoon along with the afore mentioned waterfall.

The Bridge
The Rope Bridge

The Bridge was mysteriously found deep in the jungle by Jack, Charlie, Sayid and Hurley after following the Beach Wire through the jungle. It was suspended over a gorge connecting one side to the other.

The Dark Territory
La Territoire Foncé

La Territoire Foncé or “The Dark Territory” is a sector of the island nicknamed by Danielle, and is subject to strange happenings.

The Cove

The Cove was the location of Desmond and Kelvin's encounter when Desmond discovered Kelvin was planning on leaving the island with his boat and keeping him there to push the button. This was also the location that the Tailies crossed when making their way to the Fuselage survivors camp.

The "Line"

While Jack, Locke and Sawyer were deep in the jungle searching for Michael who had run off looking for Walt, the three were approached by Tom and The Others. When Tom called them out, his party lit their torches in unison creating a ring of fire around the survivors, surrounding them at all turns.

Broken Statue
Broken Statue

The broken statue was discovered by the Sayid, Jin, and Sun while sailing on the Elizabeth. Sayid wondered aloud what was "more disquieting -- the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes?"

The Polar Bear Cave
The Polar Bear Cave

The Polar Bear Cave was where Eko was taken after he was imploded from the hatch. He was brought here by the polar bear, and was eventually rescued by Locke.

The Ruins

The Ruins were a camping area for the Other's when they were traveling with John Locke and Anthony Cooper. They appears to be the remains of possible stone structures that may have existed there.

The Substitute
The Cliffside Cave

The Cliffside Cave what a cave that was located midway down a sheer cliff face that looked out over the Ocean. It is accessable by a series of crude ladders leading there from the top of the cliff. Just inside the cave's opening are a number of artifact, including a balance scale which held a single black stone against a single white stone. Deeper inside the cave hundreds of names were written on the wall indicating the names of candidates.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse was a structure on the Island which remained undiscovered by the Island Inhabitants until the location was revealed to them by Jacob. The Lighthouse was another repository of names of Candidates, like the Cliffside Cave. However, instead of having the names scrawled on the wall, the names were associated with a degree value on the beacon's rotator dial.

The Source
The Source

The Source, also known as the "Heart of the Island", is a mysterious location on the Island which can only be found if allowed by the Protector of the Island. The source appears as a cave filled with a glowing yellow light and leading to a waterfall which drops toward a pool filled with water and is plugged with a large funnel-shaped cone.