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Season 6
Episode 5
Air Date February 23, 2010
Writer(s) Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Director Jack Bender
Flash-Sideways Jack

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"Lighthouse" is the 5th episode of Season 6 and the series 108th episode overall. The episode aired on February 23, 2010 in the United States. The episode was written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and was directed by Jack Bender. This episode focuses on Jack, particulary Jack's relationship with his son David, who does not exist in the original timeline. On the Island, Hurley and Jack make their way to a lighthouse following the instructions of Jacob.


Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

Jack is shown to arrive home from work at his apartment in Los Angeles. He spots an apparently very old, very healed appendectomy scar in the mirror which he inspects as if he doesn't recognize it. He then receives a phone call from his mother who is asking about his father's coffin, and if Jack would come help her locate his will. Jack agrees and asks his mother about his appendectomy, and she reminds him that he had his appendix out when he was seven years old. Jack realizes that he's late for something and ends the conversation with his mother.

Jack picks up his son David, with whom he obviously has a strained relationship. They return to Jack's apartment, where a heated conversation between the two is interrupted by Margo who is now impatient for Jack to assist her in searching for the will. Jack leaves, but promises David that their conversation will continue later.

At Jack's mother's house, they discuss David, and Margo informs Jack that David was devastated by the death of his grandfather. Jack was surprised with this information, David had deliberately hid his feelings from Jack. Margo suggests that perhaps he hid his feelings because David and Jack's relationship is similar to Jack and Christian's relationship, and that David is afraid of him. Jack is visibly uncomfortable at this suggestion. At this point Margo finds Christian's will, and asks Jack about Claire Littleton.

Jack heads home with pizza for dinner and is surprised to discover that David is gone. Jack assumes that David ditched him because of their earlier conversation, and Jack calls him to apologize for upsetting him, and that he's heading to David's mother's house to collect him and to wait for him there. When Jack arrives, David is not there. Jack lets himself into the house. Upon inspection Jack discovers that David has been playing the piano, and has an important recital that evening. More importantly Jack realizes that David cares much more for Jack that he lets on, after looking at a series of photographs of the two together which are attached to David's mirror. Jack heads to the school where David's recital is being held. He arrives as David is performing his interpretation of Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu. He is stunned by his son's talent and by the fact that he was unaware of this side of David.

While watching, Jack encounters another parent at the event, who compliments Jack on David's talent and remarks that children so young should not be placed under the amount of pressure they are. After David's performance, Jack and David meet outside and discuss the situation. David confesses to Jack that he did not tell him that he was pursuing the piano because he didn't want Jack to see him fail. Jack tells David about his own dysfunctional relationship between him and his father for that very reason, and how Christian had told Jack that he "didn't have what it takes". Jack promises that in his eyes, David can never fail.

The two appear to have resolved a major conflict between them and stand reconciled.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

Hurley & JackEdit

A short, honest conversation takes place between Jack and Dogan about their options. After the conversation, each expresses appreciation for the other's honesty. Hurley and Miles play tic-tac-toe, after which Hurley goes to find something to eat. In The Temple, he stumbles across Jacob's spirit. Jacob has a list of instructions for Hurley and suggests that he write them all down. These instructions will provide assistance to an unidentified visitor who is on the way to the island. Hurley sets off without Jack and is stopped by Dogan. At Jacob's suggestion, Hurley informs Dogan that he is a Candidate and Dogan holds no authority over him. Dogan admonishes Hurley in Japanese ("You are lucky that you are protected. If you were not protected I would remove your head!") but does not try to stop him. Jacob returns to Hurley and reminds him that it's vitally important that Jack accompany him. Hurley indicates that Jack will not listen to him, and Jacob offers a way to persuade him.

Outside the temple, Hurley invites Jack to accompany him, but Jack declines. Hurley then tells Jack that Jacob said "you have what it takes", which visibly startles Jack. However, he agrees to accompany Hurley and they go back into the temple, and continue following the instructions that Hurley has written down on his forearm. Outside, as they travel, they encounter Kate who declines to join them. There is a small but cordial exchange where they share their immediate goals, they wish each other luck and part ways.

Shortly thereafter, Jack finds Shannon's asthma inhaler and the two realize they've returned to their old haunt in The Caves. Hurley visits Adam and Eve and ponders time-travel, offering the theory that the skeletons may be someone they know - maybe even themselves. As they resume their hike, Hurley asks Jack why he returned to the island. Jack responds by asking Hurley the same question. Hurley answers that he returned simply because Jacob told him to. Jack reveals that he returned because he's broken, and believed that the Island could fix him.

Jack and Hurley arrive at a lighthouse and Jack wonders how they could have missed such a prominent feature on this island. Hurley suggests that they simply hadn't been looking for it. Jack kicks in the door and the two ascend the steps to find a large dial and an array of mirrors in the beacon area. Every degree on the dial is marked with a name - each of which correspond to the names and numbers seen in The Cliffside Cave (The Substitute). As instructed by Jacob, Hurley begins to move the dial to 108 degrees. As he moves the mirrors, an increasingly hostile and agitated Jack stops him because he sees strange things in the mirrors. After Jack finds his own name at the 23rd angle, he takes over and moves the dial to that position. Both Hurley and Jack then look into the mirror array and within the reflection they see Jack's childhood home, and realize that Jacob has been keeping tabs on them for his whole life. In a fury, Jack demands that Hurley ask Jacob why. Hurley, unable to comply since Jacob isn't around, watches as Jack smashes the mirrors in his anger.

Back outside, Jacob finally appears to Hurley, and thanks him for bringing Jack to the lighthouse. Hurley realizes that Jacob never intended to send a signal from the lighthouse, he only needed Jack to see the reflection. Jacob also informs Hurley, that they needed to be away from the temple because someone bad is on his way there. Hurley indicates a desire to return and help, but Jacob explains that it's already too late.

Jin & ClaireEdit

Jin is rescued by Claire from her bear trap. As she treats Jin's leg injury, he passes out. When he comes to, he is in a strange hut. A brief inspection reveals that it's Claire's hut, and he finds a very disturbing "replacement baby" in a cradle, fashioned out of the fur and skull of a dead animal. Replacing the covers over the "baby" in the cradle, Jin returns to where Claire placed him as he hears her returning with an injured Other, Justin, in tow. She believes that he knows where her son, Aaron, is, even though he honestly tells her that he does not. She believes that the Others have kidnapped her baby because her "new friend" told her they did. Jin tells Claire that Kate has Aaron and he's been safely off the Island for three years.

Shortly afterwards, Claire kills Justin in cold blood. Jin recants his story about Kate taking Aaron, saying it was only to save Justin. Claire, disappointed, indicates that if Kate had indeed taken Aaron, she would kill her. The Man in Black, in the form of John Locke enters the tent, apparently the "friend" Claire had been talking about.

Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline Jack has a son. The mother of this boy is Jack's ex-wife Juliet (The End)
  • In the alternate timeline Jack had his appendix out when he was very young. In the original timeline, Jack's appendix ruptures and is removed by Juliet on the Island with the assistance of Bernard. (Something Nice Back Home).
  • In the alternate timeline Dogan is also not on the island, and has at least one child.

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Background InformationEdit

  • This is the 108th episode of Lost. The number 108 is important to the story's overall plot, as well as this episode in particular.
  • When Jack is changing the degree of the mirror in the lighthouse you can see Rousseau was #20 and has been crossed off, along with many other familiar names.

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