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Elizabeth Smith
Name Elizabeth Smith
Gender Female
Country San Fransico, California, USA
Occupation Clinical Psychologist
Family Husband - David
Flashback(s) None
Played By Cynthia Watros

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Life Before Flight 815Edit

It is known that Libby Smith was a clinical psychologist, but other then that, nothing is certain.  

In one flashback from Hurley, it becomes clear that Libby was in the same institution as him, although nothing else is made clear about that.

In a flashback from Desmond, it becomes clear that Libby is a widow. She was married to a man named David, who had owned a sailboat named the Elizabeth. Libby then gives the boat to Desmond so he can race around the world, claiming that Desmond was meant to have it.

On-Island Life Edit

It is unknown why Libby was on Flight 815, but it is known that she was in the tail section of the plane. Upon crashing, Libby befriends two child passengers and is also able to "fix" another passenger's broken leg.

Upon meeting the fuselage survivors, Hurley is immediately attracted to Libby, and the two share a few romantic moments. Hurley also attempts to take Libby on a romantic picnic, but he somehow forgets to pack blankets, causing Libby to go to the hatch to see if she can find some. However, Libby was not aware of the fact that Michael had just killed Ana Lucia, and when Libby enters the hatch, Michael is caught off guard and shoots her in the stomach, whereupon she collapses and Michael shoots himself and frees Ben.

After the shootings, Jack and some others, including Kate and Sawyer, come to the hatch, only to discover a dead Ana Lucia, a wounded Michael, and Libby, who suddenly awakens, although she is bleeding severely. Jack is able to keep her alive for a few hours, during which Hurley is able to come say goodbye. As she dies, Libby says only one thing, "Michael".

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