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Liam Pace
Liam Pace
Name Liam Pace
Gender Male
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Former Lead Singer of "Drive Shaft"
Father Simon Pace
Mother Megan Pace
Spouse Karen Pace
Sibling Charlie Pace
Child Megan Pace
Episode(s) The Moth, Fire + Water, Greatest Hits
Played By Neil Hopkins (adult)
Zack Shada (child)

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Liam Pace is the older brother of Charlie Pace. When the two formed a band called “Drive Shaft”, they began to attain a following when the band would play the clubs in Manchester. When they were offered a recording contract, Liam was informed by his brother that he was leaving the band due to the lifestyle it was providing him. Liam convinced Charlie that he was the heart and soul of Drive Shaft and that pursuing without him would be impossible. Liam’s desire to sign the contract was to become famous, whereas his brother’s desire was to express his talent as a musician. Liam makes a promise to Charlie that they would look after each other and that when things began to get too crazy, that they would walk away from the spotlight.

While Drive Shaft was performing in concert one night, Liam sang the chorus to their hit song “You All Everybody”, which would normally be Charlie’s duty. After that incident, Liam was skyrocketed to popularity, and considered to be the most influential member of Drive Shaft. Liam embraced the positive aspects of being a rock star, as well as the negatives when he began to delve into the world of heroin. When he was approached by Charlie, Liam was informed that they would be canceling the rest of the tour and walking away, however; Liam had no intention of walking away, and claimed that there was no future for Charlie away from the band. It was that night that Charlie decided to give into the temptation of heroin.

Liam would eventually marry a woman named Karen and the two would conceive a child together. Liam’s lifestyle would take another wrong turn for his life, while he was with Charlie in Dresden, Germany trying to get a fix; he missed the birth of his daughter Megan. Over the course of Drive Shaft’s tenure, they would release two albums "Drive Shaft" and "Oil Change". After the birth of Megan, Liam quit Drive Shaft and took the responsibilities of being a father, and kicked his habit. Charlie and Liam would not reform Drive Shaft, and the two would often argue about royalties.

After some time, Liam would move his family to Sydney, Australia to settle down. While there, Liam was unexpectedly visited by Charlie with whom he had not spoken with for some time. Charlie informed Liam that Drive Shaft had the chance to return to a record label, and would be on an 8 week tour opening for a band named “Meat Coat”; the only catch was that they would not sign Drive Shaft without the inclusion of Liam. Liam declined the offer claiming that he did not want to comeback, it was then that he noticed Charlie’s symptoms of withdrawal and recognized that he was still using heroin. Liam offered Charlie the opportunity to better himself and kick his addiction by staying with himself and Karen while he attended one of Sydney’s rehabilitation program’s. As Liam pleaded with Charlie to stay and that he was looking out for him; Charlie states that he has never looked out for him, and heads to the airport to catch his flight to Los Angeles.

He is seen again in the episode Recon , in the same Los Angeles police station that Sawyer works at. He is (unsuccessfully) looking for answers about what happened to his brother, after his arrest for drug possession on Flight 815

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