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Leslie Arzt
Leslie Arzt
Name Leslie Arzt
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation 9th Grade Science Teacher
Episode(s) Born to Run, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Exposé, Arzt & Crafts
Played By Daniel Roebuck

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Dr. Arzt was among the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Arzt was previously a 9th grade science teacher, and has been married 3 times. Arzt appeared to be somewhat of an outcast in the real world, claiming that the gym teachers did not let him sit with them at lunch, and the students do not respect him. Arzt also appeared to be an impatient man after berating a man in line at the airport for waiting until the last minute to remove his laptop. However, Arzt did seem to be a good man at heart, as he helped Claire with her luggage while boarding Flight 815. Possibly named for a science teacher Lost writer Damon Lindeloff had in Teaneck, NJ.

On-Island LifeEdit

Immediately after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Arzt was first spotted by Nikki who mistook him for Paulo while she scoured the crash site. Arzt, disoriented, asked Nikki if they had survived and that if he was alright. Six days later, when it was discovered that it had been Boone who had stolen the water, he rushed through the camp, informing everyone he came across of this fact as he went to go see what the consequences would be. At some point during the early days of his stay on the island, while in the jungle, Arzt ran into Jack "crying for his daddy". He then listened to Jack give a rousing speech about the necessity for the survivors to start working together. Arzt seemed to agree with what Jack said.

When it became clear that Jack and several other survivors were seriously considering moving to the caves, he began to doubt Jack's leadership capabilities. He proceded to ask other survivors if they were planning to move off the beach. He tried to ask Jin and Sun, apparently unaware that they did not speak English. When Hurley seemed to support moving to the caves, Arzt argured that the moisture in the caves made them a breeding ground for bacteria and dangerous insects. He also recounted his encounter with Jack, questioning his sanity.

Arzt felt as though he was an outsider from the “main group” of survivors on the island, claiming that Kate was provided with the best pieces of wreckage to build her shelter and that Jin did not catch fish for everybody on the island.

When Nikki approached Arzt for some information on trajectories to help her locate her missing luggage, Arzt showed her the "Medusa Spider", which possesses highly paralytic capabilities, as well as a very strong pheromone. When Kate and Sawyer's discovery the missing Halliburton Case at the waterfall, was revealed after Ethan's death, Arzt and Shannon became enraged that they had not told the rest of the group about the guns that were inside the case.

When plans for the launching of the raft were set, Arzt informed the group that if they did not launch immediately they would have to wait 3–4 months before they could leave as they were on the cusp of monsoon season and that the trade winds would shift to the south causing the raft to head towards Antarctica. Arzt told Michael that the best time they could leave would have been the day before. After being informed by Hurley that they were heading off into the jungle towards the Black Rock to gather dynamite to gain entry into the hatch, Arzt volunteered to attend due to his science background and his knowledge of how to handle dynamite.

Arzt was one of the survivors who wrote a message that would go along with the raft. While trekking to the Black Rock, Hurley mispronounced Arzt's name as “Arnzt”, which irritated Arzt, but when Hurley suggested that he call him by his first name “Leslie”, Arzt decided that "Arnzt" was fine. When the group arrived at the Dark Territory, Rousseau informed the group that where they were was where her team became infected and where Montand lost his arm, upon hearing this, Arzt decided to head back to the camp. After the “Monster” arrived and threatened the group, Arzt appeared running out of the jungle to warn them, he rejoined the group and decided to press on to the Black Rock.

Upon arriving at the Black Rock, Arzt suggested that a possible reason it was in the jungle was because a tsunami swept it into the jungle. After Kate, Jack and Locke removed the dynamite from the ship, Arzt panicked and swept into action, carefully removing the dynamite and explaining to the group what happens to dynamite over time. He wrapped the dynamite up for safe transport back to the beach in Kate's wet shirt, but let his guard down just a little bit while explaining that the dynamite was still dangerous, and his expressive gestures caused the stick of dynamite to suddenly detonate within his grip, killing him.

Season 6Edit

In the flash-sideways timeline, Arzt is still a high school chemistry teacher, and works at a school where John Locke (still in his wheelchair) becomes a substitute teacher after losing his job at the box factory. The school's history teacher is Dr. Benjamin Linus, and after Linus complains about the principal's lack of concern for the school, Locke encourages him to try for the position and make changes himself. Linus approaches Arzt after learning of an affair between the principal and the school nurse, and Arzt agrees to hack the school's email system for evidence to blackmail him, in exchange for privileges including a better parking space. Ben's attempt is foiled when the principal threatens Alex Rosseau's educational future, and he gives Arzt his own personal parking space as payment.

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