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Leonard Simms
Leonard Sims
Name Leonard Simms
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Formerly in the US Navy, Currently Institutionalized
Episode(s) Numbers, Dave
Played By Ron Bottitta

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Leonard Simms was in the United States Navy alongside a man named Sam Toomey; the two of them were stationed at a listening post that monitored long wave transmissions out of the Pacific. While listening one night, they heard a mysterious voice suddenly begin repeating the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42”. When Sam used the numbers to win $50,000 at a fair, bad luck suddenly fell upon him.

Leonard was committed to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where he would spend a lengthy amount of time. Leonard would spend some of his free time playing Connect Four, and quietly repeating the numbers to himself. Leonard was doing just this, when he was visited by a former patient Hugo Reyes who questioned him about the numbers and informed him that he believed he was the victim of bad luck after playing them in the lottery. Upon hearing them, Leonard became erratic and told Hugo that he shouldn’t have used the numbers, to get away from the numbers, and that he had “opened the box”. As Leonard was carried away by an orderly he informed that he received the info from Sam Toomey and that he was living in Kalgoorlie, Australia.