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Left Behind
Season 3
Episode 15
Air Date April 4, 2007
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Director Karen Gaviola
Flashback Kate Austen

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Kate and Juliet find themselves handcuffed to each other after the Others pack up and leave the Barracks. Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer about an upcoming banishment vote.


Kate is held captive by the Others. When Juliet comes to bring her some food, Kate attempts to attack her but Juliet quickly overpowers her. Soon after, Locke comes in to say good-bye and that he's leaving with the Others. Kate asks if he's brainwashed and tells him not to believe them if they promise to take him home. Locke tells her he doesn't want to go home; he explains that he made a strong case for her but then they told him who she was and what she'd done. Forgiveness, he says, isn't one of their strong suits.

Flashback to Kate in Iowa. Her car breaks down, and she is towed into a service station. She overhears a man and a woman arguing. The woman is Cassidy, whom Sawyer trained to be a grifter and then stole all her money. She's working the jewelery con on the man. He's not buying it and wants to call the police, but police are the last thing Kate wants there, so she intervenes, defusing the situation. She tells the man her father was a jeweler, and the jewelry is not fake. They go have drinks together and Cassidy asks why Kate didn't want the police there. Kate says her stepfather was a bad man, so she killed him, escaped from the US marshal who arrested her, and she's back now to talk to her mother. Cassidy offers to help. She says she was conned and embarrassed by a "bad guy," too, and that one of them deserves something good.

Back to the island, Hurley tells Sawyer that after the Nikki / Paulo situation with the diamonds, the camp is going to vote on whether or not to "banish" him. Hurley says there are benefits to living as part of a society and suggests he make amends to fix things.

At the barracks, Kate hears a loud bang, and looks outside in time to see the Others packing to leave. They all put on gas masks, then the door to recreation center flies open, someone tosses in a canister and slams the door shut. The canister pops open and gas starts fuming out, knocking her out cold. She wakes up in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliet. Kate takes Juliet's knife and tries unsuccessfully to unlock the cuffs. She asks what Juliet did to upset the Others but she doesn't answer. Kate says they are going back for her friends.

She follows a trail leading to the barracks. It starts to rain, just as Juliet predicted. Juliet says that she hopes that Kate isn't dragging them back for Jack because now that she's ruined his chance to get off the island, he might not want to see her. Kate starts beating up Juliet in her anger.

Juliet tells Kate that there were cameras on the cages, that Jack saw her with Sawyer. She reveals that he told Kate not to come back for him, not because he doesn't want Kate to be harmed, but because she broke his heart. They hear the roar of the smoke monster and hide in the roots of a banyan tree. The monster roils up in front of them, and Juliet's face is lit up by a series of bright flashes of light. The monster then retreats, leaving Juliet terrified.

Back to Iowa, where Kate knocks on her mother's door. Diane opens the door, but before she can say anything, cops surround Kate and cuff her. Federal Agent Mars walks out only to realize that it isn't Kate; it's Cassidy dressed as Kate. She claims to be just selling Bibles. Watching through binoculars from down the street is the real Kate, and she realizes just what she's up against. Later at their motel, Cassidy wants to know why Kate needs to talk to her mom. Kate admits that her mom gave her up to the police, choosing her abusive husband over her daughter, betraying her, and Kate needs to know why.

Cassidy goes to the restaurant where Kate's mom works and 'accidentally' dumps a bowl of chili on her. Diane goes to the bathroom to clean up; Kate is waiting there for her and wants to know why Diane turned her in. Diane tells Kate that she killed the man she loved. Kate replies that Wayne abused her, but Diane simply snaps back you can't help who you love, and tells Kate she didn't kill Wayne for anyone but herself. Diane promises not to say anything now, but the next time she sees Kate she'll yell for help.

On the island, after a failed attempt at gutting a fish, Sawyer realizes he can't be on his own. He tells Hurley he's ready to make amends. He apologizes to Hurley for calling him all those names, is nice to Claire and gives her a blanket for the baby, and partners with Desmond to hunt for boar and provide food for the camp.

Kate and Juliet continue to the barracks, however the monster returns. They take off running, and come upon the pylons. Kate jerks Juliet to a stop, says they can't go through them. Juliet reaches into her back pocket, takes out a key, and unlocks the cuffs. She then runs to a pylon, enters an access code on a key pad, and they run across the barrier. Juliet jams the setting into the red zone. The smoke monster zooms in and bounces off the barrier. It roils and rises, making awful noises, and unable to pass through the fence. Then it quickly shoots away. Juliet admits that they don't know what it is, but they do know it doesn't like their fence. Kate asks about the key. Juliet says she was left behind, too, and by people she knew and trusted. She hoped that if Kate thought they were in it together, Kate wouldn't leave her behind in the jungle like they did. Kate unlocks her cuff, and they continue on.

Flashback to Iowa, Cassidy drops Kate off at the service station. Cassidy tells her she's pregnant. She wants the guy dead yet she still loves him. Kate says call the cops and have him locked up. Cassidy asks if Kate would forgive her mom for calling the cops. Kate says no, but that this guy has it coming. Maybe something good will come out of it.

On the island, Sawyer roasts the boar and everyone eats. It's a happy moment. Charlie tells Sawyer he hadn't heard about any vote, and Sawyer realizes he was conned by Hurley. Hurley tells Sawyer that if he's going to be their temporary leader, he needed to do damage control. With Jack, Locke, Kate and Sayid gone, Sawyer is all they've got.

Kate and Juliet reach the barracks. It's completely empty; everyone is gone. Juliet goes to get Sayid, and Kate goes to get Jack, finding him unconscious on the floor of his house. Kate wakes him up and tells him the Others left because of her. She apologizes for messing up his plans to go home. However Jack's first question is about Juliet, and Kate pulls back emotionally, telling him that they left her, too. They join Juliet and Sayid. Jack suggests taking what they can find and starting back before dark. Sayid objects to Juliet coming with them, but Jack is insistent. Kate and Sayid trade looks, both worried about this new development, and head out.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I just came by to say your baby's... he's not as wrinkly as he was a couple of weeks ago."

- Sawyer

"The reason Jack told you not to come back, wasn't because he didn't want you to get hurt. It was because you broke his heart."

- Juliet

Background InformationEdit

  • A second pre-island connection between Kate and Sawyer before the crash is made in this episode, as Cassidy helped Kate, and did so because she was conned by Sawyer.
  • When Sawyer speaks to Aaron, the baby cries. This is in contrast to the Season One episode, "The Greater Good", where the sound of Sawyer's voice was the only thing that seemed to soothe Aaron.
  • When Juliet is entering the passcode for the electric fence, the numbers you see entered are 1 5 1 6 2 3

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