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Le Territoire Foncé
The Dark Territory
Name Le Territoire Foncé
Appears In Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2

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Le Territoire Foncé or “The Dark Territory” is a sector of the island nicknamed by Danielle, and is subject to strange happenings.

Rousseau and MontandEdit

When Danielle and the members of her science team made their way through, it was the site where her team became infected with the sickness, and where a member of her team named Montand lost his arm.

Strange OccurrencesEdit

The Dark Territory has numerous odd occurrences. One of which is “The Black Rock” which was a ship that made its way into the center of the island, with no indication of how it arrived there. Another is the sighting of an extremely large bird which appears in a haunting fashion. This sector of the island was also the site of an attack from “The Monster” where Locke was nearly dragged underground to a hole that was formed after a tree was uprooted several feet away.

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