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Season 5
Episode 8
Air Date March 4, 2009
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Kyle Pennington
Director Mark Goldman
Flashforward Jim LaFleur

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Sawyer perpetrates a lie to the Horace of the DHARMA Initiative in order to remain on the island with Juliet, Jin, Miles and Daniel. Three years later, Sawyer acts as "LaFleur, Head of Security" within the DHARMA Initiative.


Following the events of This Place is Death, a time jump briefly brings the remaining group of survivors — Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel and Jin — to a time when there is an ancient statue standing on the island. They are only able to see the back of it before Locke turns the wheel, bringing the survivors forward to 1974, at the peak of the DHARMA Initiative's presence on the island. Now that John has pushed the wheel, the time jumps have stopped and they are stuck in the past. The group comes across a pair of DHARMA Initiative members who have been captured by some of the island's native inhabitants, known as the Others. Juliet and Sawyer kill the two Others and free Amy, but her husband has been killed. The group returns to the Barracks, where Amy resides; however, she tricks them into walking through the sonic fence which surrounds the Barracks, knocking them unconscious. She had walked through first, but she put earplugs in. Apparently, the barrier is only effective if the soundwaves are heard.

Sawyer wakes up and is confronted by Horace. Sawyer tells him that his name is James LaFleur and that he and the other survivors were part of a shipwreck on the island from Tahiti, and that they are still looking for other members of their crew. Horace informs him that they will have to leave the next day on the submarine because they are not "DHARMA material". Meanwhile, Daniel sees a young girl he believes to be Charlotte, but decides not to say anything to her. That night, the spokesman of the Others, Richard Alpert, enters the Barracks to determine why his truce with DHARMA was broken. Sawyer convinces Alpert not to attack DHARMA, because he is the one who killed the Others. Alpert is further convinced when Sawyer shares knowledge of the events that transpired in 1954 in the episode Jughead. Richard agrees to leave if he is told where the two men who attacked Amy and Paul are buried and if Richard can take Paul's body. Amy agrees so no one will be hurt, but not before she takes a carved wooden ankh from Paul. The ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph that means 'everlasting life'. Because Sawyer has successfully defused the situation, Horace allows the group to stay and look for the other crew members of their ship, when in reality they are waiting for Locke to return with the survivors who left the island.

Three years later, the survivors have joined DHARMA and are living in the Barracks. Sawyer is the head of security, while Jin continues to search for those who left the island. Amy is pregnant with Horace's baby and due to give birth in two weeks. Following an argument between them because of the ankh necklace, Horace gets drunk and Amy goes into early labor; Juliet successfully delivers the baby. Horace believes that Amy is not yet over her deceased husband, however Sawyer reassures him by stating that three years is enough time to get over someone, referring to his relationship with Kate. Sawyer returns to his home, where he lives with Juliet, with whom he is in love. The next morning, he receives a call from Jin, who has found Kate, Jack, and Hurley in the jungle (as seen in 316). Sawyer secretly meets them far from the barracks, where they are reunited.

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" still think I'm a member of the damn DHARMA Initiative?"

- Sawyer

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