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Lost: Via Domus
Name Lost: Via Domus
Publisher Ubisoft
Released February 26, 2008
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Engine GRAW2
Game Modes Single player
Rating Teen (T)
Platforms PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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Lost: Via Domus, also known as Lost: The Video Game is a video game based on the ABC television series Lost that was released for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game was officially unveiled at Comic-Con 2007, and released on February 26, 2008. The subtitle, Via Domus, is roughly Latin for "way home".

A completely different LOST game was released for mobile phones on January 16, 2007 and fifth-generation iPods on May 23, 2007.


On May 22, 2006, Ubisoft announced that they had licensed the rights from Touchstone Television to create a video game based on Lost planned for release in 2007.

The game is different from the TV series, as Ubisoft has added extra missions and stories that were not in the TV series to expand the amount of playable content.


The jungle as seen in the game

Although it was speculated to be in development hell for some time, as there were no updates on the game since its initial May 2006 announcement, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stated in the official Lost podcast of April 16, 2007 that the game was in production and that they have seen playable footage of the game.

In issue #11 of the Official Lost Magazine (July/August 2007) Damon Lindelof was asked in its 'Pearls of Wisdom' Q&A section: "How is the Lost video game looking from what you've seen?" He replied: "From what I've seen? RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!"


The player is cast as a previously unseen Oceanic 815 survivor, Elliot Maslow, a photojournalist who developed amnesia as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. Gameplay involves Resident Evil-style fetch quests and puzzle solving, as well as a small amount of combat and gunplay. Flashbacks will be an integral part of the storyline, as in the show.

Running down the beach

Exploring locations seen in the show and interacting with main characters from the show will also be a major part of the game. Appearances by the Others, the Smoke Monster and the ''Black Rock also play a part in the Via Domus experience.

The ComicCon trailer confirmed characters such as Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Hurley and possibly Desmond, and also showed off the beach camp, the caves, part of the Others' territory and the Swan station. The article from EGM confirmed Kate, Sayid, Michael and Walt will be featured and the Hydra will be an explorable location. Trading with other survivors and taking photos with a camera are part of the gameplay.

The game is split up into seven "episodes", roughly 90 minutes in length each, that were plotted by the show's executive producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.


A trailer was released on the GameTrailers website on July 27, 2007, showing the island and some of the main characters. In the later released Xbox Live trailer for the game, at 1 minute 8 seconds (23 seconds from the end), just after the character gets slapped and before the ship blows up there is a hidden frame which says "Find us and we will show you the way" on the calculating computer. Also at 1:20 on the Xbox Live trailer the blast door map shows up in red.


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