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It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow.
Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

This page is a reference guide for creating new pages on the LOST Wikia. Use the methods given below to help ensure the site stays looking crisp, clean, and consistent.

Writing Style Edit

We ask that you keep to these guidelines when writing for the LOST Wikia.


All articles on the LOST Wikia should be written assuming that LOST is real and that the events of LOST have happened. For instance, when writing about a character you should write:

Jack Shephard was a Spinal Surgeon at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. He was married to Sarah.

If you are going to write about behind the scenes work or information about the making of LOST please put the information in italics.


When writing about an article on the LOST Wikia you should write is as though it has already happened. You should write the article in the Past Tense. For instance, when writing about an incident you should write:

The battle was one of the greatest of the 21st century and was one of the bloodiest in history.

Page LayoutEdit

The LOST Wikia strives to have a consistent style on pages of the same type. For tips on how to use wiki markup and the edit buttons at the top of the editing box, please see Help:Editing.


Use this guide to create pages on an episode of LOST that has yet to be created.

NOTE: Pages about episodes that have yet to air will be immediately deleted. No episode is to be posted until after it has aired. Currently that means 10:00PM EST in United States and Canada.


LOST has an enormous amount of characters featured in many episodes. It is the goal of the LOST Wikia to create a database cataloging EVERY Character. If you happen to notice a character page that has yet to be made, and you would like to do so, follow the instructions given on the Character creation page to do so.

NOTE: Pages about characters that have yet to appear and are in episodes that yet to have aired will be immediately deleted. No character page is to be posted until after it has aired. Currently that means 10:00PM EST in United States and Canada.


For creating pages for cast members and different talent on LOST, use this page to help you through it. NOTE: Not every cast member needs a page. The Main Cast and Recurring Cast will suffice, however; should you feel that the particular actor or actress page benefits the LOST Wikia, by all means create it.


Pages you wish to create that pertain to any of the LOST Novels or any book that pertains to LOST.

Company, Organization, LocationEdit

Pages you wish to create that detail the many Companies, Organizations or Locations featured on LOST.

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