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The LOST Wikia is a free LOST reference site which is being written collaboratively by the readers. We want to become the most up to date and the most reliable source for information about LOST. The LOST Wikia should be like a encyclopedia.

The LOST Wikia is a wiki, meaning that anyone can contribute to any article. You can contribute by clicking on the Edit button on the top of each page. The LOST Wikia project was started in December 2005 and was inspired by the Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha and the 24 Wikia. There are currently 4,517 articles at the LOST Wikia at the moment. The LOST Wikia is in no way related to ABC, Touchstone Pictures, or Bad Robot. LOST is copyrighted by ABC. All rights reserved. See more on our copyright policy....

WARNING: The LOST Wikia contains spoilers on episodes of the LOST TV show. Only information from episodes which have aired in the United States and Canada are acceptable for publication on this site. See more on our spoiler policy....

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