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Season 6
Episode 1 & 2
Air Date February 2, 2010
Writer(s) Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Director Jack Bender
Flashback Alternate Reality

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After the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, the survivors trapped in the past deal with the unexpected results. Meanwhile, back in the present, Ben and the Others reel at the increasing danger posed by the man who appears to be a resurrected John Locke.


The detonation of the hydrogen bomb above the pocket of energy located at the DHARMA Initiative construction site is shown to have two parallel results. There appears to have been two timelines created from the incident, one in which the detonation was successful in preventing the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and one where it is not.

Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

The first timeline begins aboard Oceanic Flight 815, in which the survivors' attempt to change the future has apparently worked, as the island is shown to be underwater, with familiar landmarks such as The Dharma Barracks and the Statue of Taweret are shown to be in ancient and decaying condition. Many of the characters appear to be in similar situations as they did on the original flight, as Kate is still being transported in the custody of Edward Mars, Jack is overseeing the transport of his deceased father, and Locke is still paralyzed. However, Boone is shown to be traveling without his sister Shannon, and Hurley is shown to bask in his good fortune, rather than his previous bad luck. Also notable is the presence of Desmond Hume on the flight, as he was not present on the original flight, and was in fact the cause of the original flight's crash. During the flight, Jack is called upon to save Charlie, who has locked himself in the bathroom and is no longer breathing. Jack, with the help of Sayid, resuscitates him. Charlie is later arrested for possessing heroin once the plane lands successfully. Jack also encounters Desmond, and seems to have some memory of meeting him prior, but is unable to locate Desmond again when the plane begins to land.

After the plane lands safely at the Los Angeles International Airport, Jack is informed that the airline has lost his father's coffin, and has no information on where it may be located. Kate escapes custody of the Mars in the airport washroom, and hijacks a cab in which Claire is also a passenger. Jin is detained by airport security after he fails to declare a large amount of cash on his customs form. His wife, Sun, afraid to reveal she speaks English, does nothing to help the situation. Jack speaks with Locke, who notes that his own luggage has also been misplaced. They discuss Locke's condition, which Jack offers to evaluate for free, after Locke tells him that it is irreversible.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

In the second timeline, the attempt to change the future has apparently failed, as Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Juliet, Sawyer, and Miles awaken on the island at night, immediately after Ben has killed Jacob. The detonation of the hydrogen bomb has apparently returned the survivors to their original time, and that they are back to where they started. This fact angers Sawyer, who feels that Juliet died for nothing. Blaming her death on Jack, Sawyer confronts his fellow castaway and threatens to kill him to Kate. However, Juliet is discovered to be alive beneath the rubble of the built-but-henceforth-destroyed Swan station. With much effort, the survivors manage to free Juliet, only for her to succumb to her injuries in Sawyer's arms.

Back on level ground, Hurley tends Sayid's gunshot wounds, which he suffered in a firefight with DHARMA men back in 1977. While attempting to calm his friend, Hurley is visited by Jacob, and is instructed to take Sayid to a temple, which offers the only chance to save him. Jacob tells Hurley that Jin will know of the temple's location, as he had visited the area with the French expedition years prior. Jacob also notes that Jin will not be able to see or converse with him, as Hurley is the only one who can see Jacob, due to Jacob's death tenminutes prior. Jack informs Hurley that he can do nothing to save Sayid, and agrees to Hurley's plan. The survivors then split up, with the majority of the group heading to the temple, and with Sawyer and Miles remaining to give Juliet a proper burial. After he has buried Juliet, Sawyer demands that Miles use his ability to communicate with the dead to speak with Juliet, and find what key piece of information Juliet was attempting to tell Sawyer before she died. Miles successfully communes with Juliet, and discovers that her message to Sawyer was that their plan to correct the timeline had succeeded, despite all outward appearances. 
200px-6x01 HelloI'mJacob

Hurley sees Jacob an hour after his death.

After arriving at the temple, the group is ambushed by Others, and brought before two men, a Japanese man and his apparent translator. The Japanese man tells his associate to have the captives executed, which is only stayed when Hurley announces that they were sent by Jacob. After being demanded proof, Hurley presents his guitar case which Jacob had given him back in Los Angeles. The Japanese man opens the case to reveal a large wooden ankh symbol, which he promptly breaks over his knee. Inside the carving is a note, which the two men discuss before demanding to know the captives' names. Hurley and the others capitulate, and their executions are called off. The translator remarks to Hurley that they must save Sayid from his injuries, or they will face dire consequences. Inside the temple, Sayid is brought to a large wading pool. The Japanese man then orders Sayid to be placed underwater and held there while a hourglass counts down a predetermined amount of time. Sayid appears to awaken during the procedure, and begins to thrash. Before the hourglass completes its cycle, Sayid appears to go limp. Dragged out of the pool, Sayid is pronounced dead by the Others shortly after. Feeling responsible for his friend's death, Jack attempts to resuscitate Sayid using CPR, but apparently fails. Sawyer and Miles are then forced into the temple after being captured by the Others. The two leaders then question Hurley in a separate garden room, and are shocked to learn that Jacob has been killed. Upon hearing this, the two sound an alarm, and the Others in the temple then begin to board up and secure the temple gates, as well as launch flares into the sky. The translator then informs Hurley that they aren't locking the survivors inside, but are fortifying to prevent an outside force from getting in. The translator then demands to speak to Jack alone, but Jack refuses to go quietly and begins to forcibly resist movement. At this time, the scuffle is interrupted by Hurley, who is shocked to see Sayid waking up, alive and well.

Across the island, inside the foot of the broken statue, the man in the form of John Locke sends Ben outside to speak with Richard Alpert and bring him inside the statue. Ben reluctantly heads to speak with Richard, who demands answers from the former Other leader and forcibly shows Ben the deceased corpse of John Locke. Bram and his men from the Ajira 316 flight then follow Ben into the statue. Upon realizing that the man appearing as John Locke had orchestrated Jacob's death, Bram and his men open fire on the supposedly dead man. Locke's form flees behind a pillar, but not before being hit by a direct shot. The shot is discovered to have crumpled and bounced off Locke's form. Locke appears to have disappeared, but at that moment the smoke monster fills the cavern and abruptly kills Bram and his men. Ben is the only one left alive when Locke appears to reemerge behind him. Locke then reveals that he and the smoke monster are one in the same. He also explains to Ben that his true goal is to leave the island and return home, which ironically contrasts the real John Locke's goal of never leaving the island. Outside, Richard witnesses the warning flares shoot up from the temple, but is too late to act before Locke's form confronts him and knocks him unconscious. Locke's form's final act, before walking away with Richard's limp body in his arms, is to scold the Others for disappointing him.

Memorable QuotesEdit

You're the monster!
Let's not resort to name-calling.
 - Ben and Locke

Background InformationEdit

  • Many characters known to be on board are not seen on the plane in the flash-sideways. These include Claire, Shannon, Michael, Walt, Nikki, Paulo, Scott, Steve, Sullivan.

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